Every bad situation has a silver lining

A post-surgery life update after my radial fracture. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you probably know I took a hard fall on Wednesday last week that landed me in outpatient surgery on Friday. A week later, I am five days post-surgery for a radial fracture and trying sort out how to live life adjusting to my new normal. Although this isn’t fun to go through, there is good and bad to be found in every situation. First, let’s start with the bad because that one is so easy. Having surgery sucks and I’ve never had one before. I’ve…

Not Every Opportunity is Meant to be Taken & How I Gauge What is Meant for Me

As a multi-passionate person, sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my interests. This applies both to my personal life and hobbies, as well as in business. I tend to overextend myself when I see things I like and want to be part of. And let’s face it: there is a whole world out there full of cool opportunities and ideas, and when you love finding community and living a fun and fulfilled life as much as I do, it’s easy to get whiplash. If I had to list my interests in no particular order, they are spending time with my family,…

The best leggings money can buy (& they help Ugandan women go to university!)

A peek at my favorite ever high-waisted, opaque leggings that tick every box for me as a tall girl who loves eco-fashion! I have been hardcore crushing on Sseko, a brand that employs Ugandan women. They’re making huge waves in the world of eco-fashion as well as stealing my heart for what they do for girls. I bought my favorite purse from them not long ago, and I reluctantly decided to to check out their leggings that came out with the Fall 2019 catalog. To say I was hesitant to order these is a massive understatement because I am obsessed…

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