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FOTD May 1st!

Wow, can you believe it’s May already?  With the start of a new month for me is a new outlook.  Why save fresh starts for New Year’s when you can do them any time you want?  May 1st means my birthday is in exactly one month, my husband comes home…

My Favorite High End Illuminators

Hello lovely ladies! It’s spring time and we all want that beautiful glow of sunkissed cheeks and a perfect complexion. Today I bring you my favorite 8 illuminators.  They all happen to be high end.  I have some low end ones too but they didn’t swatch particularly well so I…

All of My Bronzers- Mini Review!

Hello Ladies!  Today I bring to you all of my bronzers.  Before you choke on the sheer amount, keep in mind I built up my collection over a few years and they are high end and low end.  Since there are so many I’ll keep it brief! Rimmel Bronzer in…

Current Skincare Routine- April 2012

Here’s a brief glimpse into what I have been using lately on my skin!  A lot of these are new products that I have been trying so you’ll get a mini review of some of these 🙂  My current routine is pretty simple and includes some old goodies and some…

How to Combat Face Acne

If you’re anything like me, you’re an adult and still get pesky pimples like a teenager from time to time.  What’s up with that?  It could be anything from stress, to hormonal changes, to aging, to medication changes.  Really, it can be caused by just about anything unfortunately.  But I…

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