Cozy Indulgences

This time of year, all I really want to do is get cozy in front of the fire, and goal set for the new year. I’m thinking of all the things I loved about 2019 and all the things I would love to change in 2020. My holiday travel is…

An Honest Review of the Upright GO Posture Trainer

I’ve always been tall, but as a super shy kid, I was always trying to slouch myself into a more average height. I’m 5’11” but have always had terrible posture. I always sit hunched over, and constantly have to remind myself to stand tall. I haven’t always cared enough to…

Doll 10 Beauty Hits & Misses

I am always on the lookout for exciting new (or new to me) makeup brands, and when I recently discovered Doll 10 Beauty, I was excited to check out the cruelty-free brand. Doll 10 Beauty is named as such because they believe in 10 minutes of self-care re-writing the narrative…

All we need is love

Just a little thing that took me 33 years to learn. NBD. The new year, new me mentality. This time of year, all it takes is a short scroll through my feed to make me feel inadequate. Heavy. In need of change. In the form of weight loss. But all…

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