Three skincare products I use for baby soft skin

My skin has been looking a little dull lately, so I bumped up my skincare routine. Though I like a simple regimen, I am a beauty product junkie, so I went through my bathroom and pieced together a magical three step solution to my skin woes. It totally delivered so…

Tati Beauty’s Blendiful Review

Tati is a Youtube star that I have been following for years. I discovered her during a late night nursing session with my youngest daughter, who is now three. I binge watched her channel so many times in the late night and early morning hours, and though I’m not nursing…

Weekend Links I Love | 1.18.20

This was a long week full of to-do list projects and I’m glad for a semi-relaxing weekend. We spent last weekend painting my office purple 🥰and moving our piano into our formal dining room. I’m looking forward to choosing paint colors for a few other rooms of our house as…

The Most Helpful Blog Posts of 2019

This blog has been on a journey since the beginning that has felt like a winding path of focus over the span of many years. I used to blog about beauty only, and now I write about everything I love: beauty, my debt journey, easy recipes, self love, and more.…

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