Great Products by Make Up For Ever

I have long since been a fan of MUFE products.  I discovered them on New Year’s Eve when I was 21.  My cousin and I were in Chicago picking out makeup to wear for our fabulous night of clubbing we were planning.  As always, the ladies at Sephora were directing…

Keeping your pup LA Fresh

Woof, woof, bark, yip yip woof!   That’s dog speak for “Hi, my name is Ruckus!” And boy do I have something for you today.  Mom gets all kinds of goodies in the mail to make her pretty and I was getting mighty jealous so she got ME some things…

Anastasia Lash Genius Review

I was excited, but skeptical to review and test out this product. It is basically a clear gel top coat for your mascara. It claims it makes any mascara waterproof! Product Site, Retails $21 Company Product Description: Waterproof when you want it to be. LASH GENIUS CLEAR WATERPROOF TOPCOAT instantly…

Unite Hair Care Part I

We were recently given the opportunity to test out some products by Unite Hair Care.  They truly knocked our socks off and are great products.  Let us share with you some of our new favorites!  You can check ’em out in detail at  Justina tried the products listed below and…

Updated: Stick With It Palette Review

UPDATE: Please see the comment below for answers to some of the questions we had about this product. The company took some of our suggestions into consideration and has updated their website to address these questions and make the palette a little more user friendly. We were pleased to work…

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