The Best Shower Caddy EVER

It’s a weird thing to passionate about, but I’m obsessed with my shower caddy. I recently decided I really wanted to up my shower storage game. Our master bathroom shower has seats and plenty of places to set things, and I’ve absolutely hoarded beauty products for my shower as a…

Lucky Chick Creamy Matte Lipstick

I love lipstick and I love coffee, so imagine when I learned I could have the two at once! I was sold. I recently learned that coffee oil is a bit of a little known beauty secret in the world of essential oils. It’s made from extracting residual oil from…

The best thing I get in the mail every month

As someone who gets mainly junk mail and bills, I live for days when the postman brings me something special and fun to open. Whether it’s Stitchfix, or another eagerly anticipated package, I love opening something that’s not going straight into the recycling bin! My favorite thing I get in…

My inner critic

As I approach an entirely new decade of life, a new year, and ten years since my college graduation, it’s easy to reflect on the bad, and to see where I’ve messed up, personally and professionally. Some of my biggest perceived failures: Still having college debt 10 years later from…

My Debt Repayment Journey for 2020

2019 will not go down in history as my favorite year. Some of the lower points in our year included mental health struggles, solo parenting for months at a time due to a husband who was constantly traveling for work, a dying vehicle we weren’t ready to replace, an unexpected…

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