Fitglow Lip Serum Dupe?

I’m all about self-care, and there is one beauty product I discovered in recent months that is SO much fun to use, that I have become obsessed. I feel like I’m late to the party, because everyone loves the Fitglow Beauty Lip Serums already. I staved off on trying them…

Coronavirus Pandemic Self Care for Kids

This last month or so has been the strangest of times. I have been largely away from my blog, because I haven’t really been sure what to say. It doesn’t seem like the right time to promote things that don’t feel important to basic life needs. And let’s face it…that’s…

Creating a personal mission statement

Sometimes it feels good to take a step back when you are feeling burnt out and stressed. This past week seemed to last a year for me as I did some very necessary personal growth and took some steps to feel more like myself. One thing I worked on? A…

Three skincare products I use for baby soft skin

My skin has been looking a little dull lately, so I bumped up my skincare routine. Though I like a simple regimen, I am a beauty product junkie, so I went through my bathroom and pieced together a magical three step solution to my skin woes. It totally delivered so…

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