Debt Journey- Jan 2020 Progress

I recently shared that I was starting to pay off my debt this year, and since we’re almost halfway through the month, I wanted to give a quick update! I have already made a bit of progress, and I have some plans for how I’m going to make more. If…

There is no before picture

I had a eureka moment this week while I was running the track at my gym. “I should take a before picture,” I thought. Then I stopped, and that part of me I’m trying to nurture right now, the one that stops to ponder a thought before acting, asked why…

My Debt Free Journey- January 2020 Goals

Sharing my debt-free journey seems like such a millennial thing to do. Massive overshare article complete with social media touts that would make any baby boomer parent cringe. But honestly, I’m not just doing this for personal accountability. That is a very tiny part of the reason. Mostly, I want…

A great habit for the new year

I have so many goals for 2020. I want to get out of debt, I want to plan some vacations, and I want to grow more as a person. One thing those all have in common? Learning more about myself and what it is I value. It will dictate how…

The Best Shower Caddy EVER

It’s a weird thing to passionate about, but I’m obsessed with my shower caddy. I recently decided I really wanted to up my shower storage game. Our master bathroom shower has seats and plenty of places to set things, and I’ve absolutely hoarded beauty products for my shower as a…

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