Oui Fresh Beauty Box Subscription Review: March 2019

A few months ago I subscribed to the Oui Fresh Beauty Box put out by A Beautiful Mess. These boxes contain products that are ingredient conscious and so far, I’ve really liked what I’ve tried! Curious what I got in my box this month? Read on to check out my Oui Fresh Beauty Box Subscription review for the March 2019 box.

This month contained products by all new-to-me brands. Au Naturale, Corson Beauty, Jacq’s Organics, and Oui Fresh were the brands featured in March’s box!

I was excited to see some color cosmetic products in this month’s box! Au Naturale Pure Powder Blush in Pink Lady is gorgeous. I thought I’d love the pump application on the bottle but it was actually horribly wasteful. Every time I pump the bottle the product shoots out everywhere. I love the dusty rose shade, so I’ll be repurposing this in a DIY post.

The Cream Cleanser by Corson Beauty is an out of this world beauty find and probably one of my current favorite products. It’s made with manuka honey, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, and has an incredible spicy/warm/sweet scent. What I like is how creamy this is and how soft my face feels after I wash my face with this. I am still using my awesome aloe based cleanser, but recently I’ve been following up with this cream cleanser because it feels so nice. This is a lovely luxury skincare item!

Jacq’s Organics Revitalizing Face Toner is a really basic hydrating facial spritz. I’ve tried so many face toners and I’m really happy with the Deep Pore toner I’ve been using but nonetheless I did give this a whirl. It’s got a great ingredient list with 27 active and skin-healthy ingredients. I just prefer something that is more pore clearing for my every day routine! If you enjoy something refreshing and simple you’ll like this.

I’m really into essential oils so I was happy to get a Lavender Oil by Oui Fresh! This is such a versatile oil and great for DIY projects, in the diffuser, and to relax. I have this one in my purse right now and I’m using it to calm my jaw from clenching. I’ve been carrying tension in my face and I’m trying to destress, so a few drops of this down my temples and jawline has been doing the trick!

Lastly, I really like the Bed of Roses lip balm by Oui Fresh. This was a fun addition to the box and it had a slight mint tingle, as well as hydrating feel and tint of rose color. The ingredient list includes coconut oil, cocoa butter, aloe, vitamin E, organic vanilla and mint. In the picture below, you can see me wearing that and the blush included in this box.

Oui Fresh Bed of Roses, Au Naturale Pink Lady

Overall, this was a really great box! My favorite product was the cream cleanser, and runners up included the lip balm and the essential oil. The face toner feels so refreshing, it’ll go straight into my beach bag for an upcoming sunny day (hopefully sooner than later). Even the blush packaging, which was not my favorite, wasn’t a total dud because I plan to repurpose the product. In the end, subscribing to a monthly box is always a gamble because you never know what you’re going to get. I’m looking forward to seeing April’s box come my way soon!

What did you think of the March Oui Fresh Box? Would you have been happy with these selections? Sound off in the comments!

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