Oui Fresh Beauty Box Subscription Review: March 2019

A few months ago I subscribed to the Oui Fresh Beauty Box put out by A Beautiful Mess. These boxes contain products that are ingredient conscious and so far, I’ve really liked what I’ve tried! Curious what I got in my box this month? Read on to check out my Oui Fresh Beauty Box Subscription review for the April 2019 box.

This month contained products by mostly new-to-me brands. I have really loved this non-toxic beauty box because I am always discovering new things I haven’t tried.

I have been obsessed with my 3-step non-toxic skincare routine, but I frequently add a beauty oil to the mix. I have many favorites, and now I have a new love in Opagee Rosehip Beauty Oil Blend. This is totally non-greasy and lightweight. This particular blend has rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, apricot oil, safflower seed oil, and vitamin E. It has a thicker feel than other oils, and feels very nourishing.

It seems fitting that in the same box as a getting a luxe beauty oil, we’d also get a rose quartz gua sha massage stone. I’ve really been wanting one of these. You can use it for a variety of benefits, but when using it from the center of your face, massaging outwards, you are able to massage and stimulate skin, remove toxins, aid in lymphatic drainage, stimulate healthy blood flow, etc. It feels really good and I do feel like my face looks a bit more toned after use. I have been wanting to get myself a Clarisonic Smart Profile, but this is MUCH more affordable in terms of facial massage and toning.

Since they were thinking in pairs this month, the next two products were the HAN all natural eyeshadow in Celebrate, and the Aisling Organics Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Brush. I seldom use an eyeshadow single so I’m hanging onto this one to gift a lucky friend. It’s a very pretty, pink beige shimmer shade that will be universally flattering to everyone, and a great allover lid shade for a fair skinned lady. The eyeshadow brush has already gotten mileage.

The last product in the box was the EvolV Leave-in Conditioner. This is actually a product I’ve used before. It is probably the best leave-in conditioner I’ve ever tried, and definitely one of the nicest clean beauty hair products I’ve ever tried. This does so many things- strengthens strands, eliminates frizz, prevents breakage, protects from heat and UV damage, and adds shine and smoothness. Love it!

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What are you guys thinking about the Oui Fresh subscription box? Love it or leave it? Should I keep reviewing these? Sound off in the comments!

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