Origami Owl for October Breast Cancer Awareness

It’s October and that means Breast Cancer Awareness month is among us. I first realized that it was October the other day, not because I remembered the date, but because I was asked whether I’d like to round my grocery store purchase up to the nearest dollar amount to donate the extra to BCA. Honestly, I wish grocery stores did that year round! I bet they are able to donate hundreds a day to whatever organization they are helping simply by asking their customers to round up a few cents. Anyhow, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and as a female, I’m very aware of it. I am so lucky that I’ve never dealt with it on a personal level, but of course life can change at any moment.

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One of my friends whom I admire so much has a lot to reflect on in October because she is a breast cancer survivor. I have found the perfect gift for her that I wanted to share with you today. It’s by Origami Owl, a customizable jewelry company. They have designed a Living Locket featuring themed charms to commemorate breast cancer survivors who have given us hope and courage. 

origami owl bca necklaceThe Breast Cancer locket features the Silver Heritage Living Locket with the pink ribbon charm, hope charm, and rose Swarovski stardust crystals, with options to add additional charms and crystals to further personalize your locket. It’s a very sturdy necklace, but I was able to open the latch on the edge to show you how simple it is to open the lid and add or remove charms at your will. Upon closing it I noticed that it sprung shut and I believe there is a magnet in there. 

breast cancer living locketThe front of this necklace is so glamorous, featuring lots of beautiful crystals around the face of the locket. I wanted to mention that with all that gorgeous bling in there, the locket is made so that there is enough space to hold lots of pretty little charms, but there isn’t enough room for them to flip over on themselves so nothing will be facing backwards in the locket. There should be no reason to open and close the locket to fix anything like that. You’ll just be opening it to add more bling if you so choose!

breast cancer awarenessThe backside of the locket can also be personalized. The locket includes a Silver heritage plate to inscribe a personal message, a date or initials for a memory.

engravable origami owl locketRetailing at $90, the Breast Cancer Living Locket will be available for purchase through the month of October at OrigamiOwl.com, and for every necklace purchased, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Face in the Mirror, a non-profit organization that provides cancer patients with makeovers that calm the spirit and touch the inner person, giving back hope and self-esteem. 

silver heritage living locket origami owlI can’t think of a more worthy gift this month for the breast cancer survivor in your life, whether it’s yourself, a dear friend, or family member. What a special way to surprise someone and show them you recognize they are a strong woman. I also love that they are donating 100% of the proceeds because isn’t that how much we all want of our purchase to go to the cause anyway? As a woman I’m so glad that there is so much research and money for breast cancer. 

Are you a breast cancer survivor? I hope you’ll treat yourself to something this month!

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