Organic to Green Coco Oils at Ulta


If you have been tracking any trends in the beauty industry in the past five years you know that coconut oil everything has been all the rage. It’s a really great ingredient in skincare and makeup removers, and I even use it to cook with! If you’re a believer of coconut oil in beauty products and wanted to try some in liquid form, Ulta has the hookup. They are carrying a line called Organic to Green that is carrying All-in-One coconut oils in a variety of scents spiked with essential oils.

Scented coconut oils | Multi-purpose coconut oil | Coconut oil for beautyI’m a huge fan of coconut oil based products, and these oils are really convenient for me to use since they come with a pump top. The small travel sized bottles are 1.8 oz. but they are also available in larger sizes with a pump top. 

What can you use these as? You can use them as a makeup remover, facial cleanser, hair conditioning treatment or style tamer, shaving oil, or even as a scrub (add sugar or salt). My personal favorite way to use these is as a makeup remover. It removes even waterproof mascara and liquid lipstick with ease!

Why so many scents? Each one is supposed to be good for different uses. My personal favorite is the Vanilla Chamomile.

Coco Oil Ginger Inflammation & Healing: Infused with ginger, seabuckthorn berry and cherimoya. The perfect inflammation healer.

Coco Oil Rose Anti-Aging: Addresses the signs of aging with three different forms of rose, rich with vitamin A & C. This is the perfect combination for mature skin. 

Coco Oil Vanilla Chamomile Sensitive & Soothing: A blend of vanilla, chamomile, calendula, and aloe. This soothing formula is perfect for sensitive and delicate skin, and it also aids sunburns. 

Coco Oil Jasmine Ylang Ylang Moisturizing: For dry skin. This hydrating formula is infused with Icelandic moss, watermelon scents and fresh floral. 

Coco Oil Lemon Anti-Bacterial & Oily Skin:  Great for oily or blemished prone skin, this gentle clarifying formula infused with red raspberry and burdock extracts, has anti-bacterial properties to help prevent breakouts.

Scented coconut oils | Multi-purpose coconut oil | Coconut oil for beautyOrganic to Green carries a few other products too! The Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Spray is great for adding a healthy scent with healing properties to a room, bathroom, car, shower, or linens. I liked the scent of this and sprayed it in my office that has wood floors, which I wouldn’t suggest. It’s got oil in it so it will leave a coating. I recommend this for spraying in your car or on your bedsheets at night.  

Scented coconut oils | Multi-purpose coconut oil | Coconut oil for beautyThe Moisturizer Arctic is a moisturizing balm with coconut oil and shea butter to shoothe and repair dry skin and lips. This formula carries a hint of the natural vanilla smell which is SO good. I tried this a couple times and found it pretty standard to any shea butter I’ve used. If you’re into that kind of moisturizer, you will love this! Especially the scent!

You can find most of these products at Ulta (I didn’t see the Eucalyptus spray there). They are kosher, vegan, natural, fair trade, therapeutic grade, and made in the USA. Doesn’t get much better than that, and the price is right! 


Have you seen these at Ulta yet? Have you given them a try? Which one appeals to you most?

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