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A couple months ago I got the chance to try out this Organic Doctor Royal Jelly shampoo and conditioner, and still haven’t shared my thoughts! This is a nice duo that you can buy exclusively at Vitamin World, it’s got a great ingredient list, and it’s pretty inexpensive! You can snag each bottle for around $8.99.
I’m pretty anal about what I’ll use for shampoo and conditioner and admittedly I don’t think these products are right for my hair type- coarse, color treated, and very thick. If only they were tear free I would’ve felt great putting them on my daughter. Who I really think they’re meant for is people with thin hair, probably not color treated, and people who like their hair really “clean” feeling- if you like the clarified feeling because you have an oily scalp these might be right up your alley!
Organic Doctor Royal Jelly Shampoo & Conditioner is free from SLS, Parabens, Artificial colors, Phthalates, and harsh preservatives. Some of the organic and natural bioactive ingredients include royal jelly, aloe vera juice, red clover extract, vitamin C, heather extract, cedarwood oil, lemon oil, geranium oil, patchouli oil, petitgrain oil, and sandalwood oil.
I thought the smell was really pleasant and a friend of mine with thin hair was thrilled to take these off my hands and has really enjoyed using them! If only my hair wasn’t so finicky I may have had better luck myself. It really doesn’t get much better than the natural ingredient list, and the fact that all of their products are formulated using 70-100% organic ingredients. If only EVERY company was as interested in my health!
Have you tried this brand? Have you seen it at Vitamin World?


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  1. 10.12.17
    Royal jelly said:

    Having had read that fresh Royal Jelly is most stable and effective preserved in natural honey, I have been taking Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen in a raw honey. However, I have just found I have low progesterone, which is adversely effected by sugars. I avoid all sugars except this Royal Jelly raw honey. Should I take Royal Jelly in a capsule instead?

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