Novena Skincare Products {Review}

We were recently given the opportunity to try a few products from Novena Maternity.  Check out a previous post on their products here.  They wanted us to try a couple full size products from their line and tell you about them and we agreed. They were also generous enough to do a giveaway (closed) for one of our lucky pregnant readers! Here’s the skinny on some of their fab products:
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Organic Beauty Belly Cream

Justina’s Review: According to the company’s website, this stuff is odorless.  I disagree, but I really like the scent.  It’s a light fruity smell and I am definitely picking up on the tangerine extract.  The good news is if you have a sensitive sniffer, it won’t bug you- the scent is very subtle.  I love that it’s made with 70% organic ingredients, but is 100% vegan.  I also love that the tube it comes in has a cap and it’s a squeezy bottle- how much more convenient can you get?  A lot of packaging is glass or twist off, and can make a huge mess. This was perfect for me for travel.  I used this religiously for almost a full month, and the tube still has product.  I would say that using this twice a day as indicated, it would probably last somewhere around 6 weeks.  It is very moisturizing and non sticky, which I love.  Did it prevent or cure stretch marks?  Probably not, since I had a couple little ones develop during the time I was using this and the ones I had already didn’t fade.  It did keep my skin ultra moisturized though, which is key in keeping your stretch marks from getting worse.
Organic Luminescent Moisturizer

Justina’s Review: This is one of the first moisturizers I’ve ever used that I can honestly say gave me a lit-from-within glow.  I loved using this product, and used it in the morning and evening.  It’s not oily and it’s not drying, it gives the perfect amount of moisture to balance the skin out.  I loved the slight fragrance, which reminded me of fruit, but was not overwhelming.  I don’t currently have any pigmentation problems, but this did keep my skin looking glowy, bright, and radiant.  This is a must have and I would definitely repurchase this in the future!  Also, the application can’t be beat- it’s a pump top, which means you control the amount you pump at once, rather than having a whole bunch squeeze out or dump out on you, which can be wasteful.  Love this product!
Organic Fruit Face Wash

Company Description: 100ml, $28
78% Organic, 100% Vegan

Sooooo Yummy Yummy!!!
To experience it – is to love it.
Deep cleans without leaving skin dry or oily.
Perfect balancing cleanser for all skin types.
Clears up sensitive Pregnancy Acne in a snap.
Passed the white towel test on removing makeup!
Dissolves facial and eye makeup effortlessly.
Non stinging – Non irritating.
Concentrated formula. Contains no water fillers.
A little goes a long way. Packed with certified organic ingredients.
We left nothing out when we set out to develop this truly amazing cleanser.
Full of vitamins & fruit extracts, it’s the perfect nutritional gift for your skin.

Jessica’s Review: With the title of this product, I really expected a yummy fruity scent. There is a slight scent, but it is not overwhelming by any means. It comes out in a clear liquid. I would definitely recommend following the directions to poke a hole in the foil over the opening otherwise this will come out too quickly and you may waste some of this valuable product. When applied to my face, this definitely had a decent lather feeling that I was pleased about. It left my skin feeling soft and clean. I had no irritations or breakouts from this products and love that is only uses safe ingredients, whether you are pregnant or not. I also love the cute light pink and silver packaging their products come in. 

Organic Anti-Aging Mineral Sunblock SPF 30, 60 ml $25

Company Description:
YES! It’s ORGANIC!!!! (72%, 100% Vegan)
Protects skin from the harmful rays of the sun.
Promotes younger healthier skin and reverses wrinkle formation and sun damage. Aids in the prevention of the development of brown spots and Chloasma (the mask of pregnancy).
Titanium and Zinc block both UVA and UVB rays that activate accelerated skin pigmentation cells especially during pregnancy while giving you a healthy alternative to chemical infused sun blocks… Very effective and no stinky smell….

Jessica’s Review: Now that I have just had my 30th birthday (gasp), I am even more careful about being in the sun and using great products to make sure I don’t have sun damage or premature aging. I think the product description for this was right on and I felt comfortable and confident wearing this out in the hot sunny summer days we have been having. I love using products that are organic, vegan, and have great ingredients. This is a great line for anyone looking for same alternative products to other chemically laden ones!
DISCOUNT CODE: For 10% off your purchase, use code TBGEMS

Yours in Beauty,
Justina & Jessica
These products were sent to us for review by Novena. We were not compensated or paid for this review. All opinions are honest and they are our own. 

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