Non-Toxic Dupe for It Cosmetics CC Cream

What am I looking for in a good every day foundation? Something with decent coverage, that brightens my complexion, makes my 30-something skin look smooth and youthful, and a product with great ingredients and anti-aging qualities. Bonus if there’s some SPF coverage. I’ve always loved the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream formula and these days there is a regular, matte, and illumination version. I wear it all the time but sometimes I cheat on this fave product of mine with another non-toxic formula. Today I thought I’d compare the two! 

Non-Toxic Dupe for It Cosmetics CC Cream

What I am looking for in a foundation?

I am in my 30s and my skin is normal/dry and acne-prone. My skin can be sensitive so I need something that won’t irritate or break me out. I love a good medium coverage formula that’s buildable. Bonus points if it is lightweight and long-wearing at the same time. I am ingredient conscious and appreciate a good non-toxic formula. But I won’t compromise quality for ingredients, especially since I don’t wear makeup every single day. I love anti-aging and SPF formulas. And I love it when my skin looks silky smooth and photoshopped without a ton of effort. Tall order, right?!

Why I love the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream:

The formula is full coverage and color-correcting. There is anti-aging skincare in the formula (anti-aging peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, vitamins and antioxidants). The SPF is physical and is UVA/UVB broad-spectrum. I love the texture of my skin when I wear this. It’s my ride or die foundation in the summer months because it leaves me with great skin that looks as smooth as glass, and I know it’s keeping me protected from the sun. I love that it comes in three finishes- matte, regular, and illuminating. 

Why I love the Osmosis Satin Finish Foundation:

The entire Osmosis line is clean and has non-toxic formulas. They use natural and bio-identical ingredients whenever possible and most products are vegan and gluten-free as well. That makes them perfect for sensitive skin like mine! There is a small SPF of about 10 built in to the Osmosis Satin Finish Foundation due to the titanium dioxide present. This isn’t enough for every day sun defense, but when layered with the Powdered Base it is. Due to the organic silicas in the foundation, it has enough glide and slip to look super smooth on my skin. Minerals love moisture so this mineral foundation attaches and looks like a second skin. 

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Final thoughts? 

Both foundations blend well, have perfect natural looking coverage, don’t settle into fine lines, and work well with sensitive skin. 

The It Cosmetics CC Cream comes in 12 shades (I’m light or light medium) and retails for $39 for 1.08 oz. 

The Osmosis Satin Finish Foundation comes in 8 shades (I’m natural light or fair) and retails for $48 for 1 oz.

As far as I’m concerned, these are two of the best performing foundations on the market right now! If you need the slightly cheaper price tag and sun protection, spring for the It Cosmetics CC Cream. If you are ingredient conscious and can find a shade match, check out the Osmosis Satin Finish Foundation

Want more clean beauty? 

If you want to hear more about my 80/20 philosophy on green beauty, check out my post! 

I found this video from Brianna Stanko on YouTube to be very informational on Osmosis’s line. Check out 22:30 for info on the Performance Wear Satin Foundation line. 

Some of my favorite clean beauty dupes:

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I’m searching for more non-toxic dupes of my favorite products:

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 non-toxic dupe for It Cosmetics CC Cream

Have a dupe you want me to find? Leave it in the comments below! Have you tried either of these foundations? What did you think? 



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