Non-toxic dupe for Clinique 3- Step Skincare System

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Non-toxic dupe for Clinique 3-Step Skincare System

As much as I’m interested in trying new skincare products, I appreciate a basic, synergistic system of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. I like fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and very simple skincare. When new and exciting treatments and masks cross my path, I always give them a whirl. But when I keep an easy to follow, three step system in play, I find my skin stays in much better shape than when I change out my products frequently. One of the first skincare lines I ever tried was Clinique’s 3-step system. I have been using an aloe-based non-toxic dupe of this system, by L’Bri, with amazing results.

What initially attracted me to the Clinique 3-step? Well, it’s that there are only three steps! 1) Cleansing removes the dead skin cells and makeup from the skin. 2) Exfoliation removes dead surface cells that are not soluble in soap and water, and releases the trapped oil. 3) Moisturizing restores the skin’s water retaining abilities, returns skin to a healthy pH and puts skin in a condition to accept moisture. A skincare routine that utilizes only three steps is easy and something anyone can follow. And one that I’ll actually follow through with even during the evening when I’m tired and lazy.

A mild cleanser that makes my skin feel clean but not stripped of moisture is a must. The L’Bri Deep Pore Cleanser is perfect for my acne-prone skin and works great alongside a cleansing tool. Toning my skin with the L’Bri Deep Pore Freshener is also refreshing and deep cleansing, and I love that comes in a spray bottle. Lastly, the L’Bri Oil-free Moisture Lotion is amazing. These products are all aloe-based, with aloe barbadensis leaf extract being the very first ingredient on the list. I love adding a tiny bit of water to my hands after having applied the moisture lotion to work it deeper into my skin. There is no water in the products!

Speaking of dupes, another favorite dupe I stumbled upon recently is the StyleCraft Scrubs Gentle Sonic Cleansing Brush. I’m obsessed with this as a dupe for the much pricier Foreo Luna. It is similar in every way: waterproof, has a universal USB charger, and has six settings for speed, pressure, and sonic vibration. I love everything about these silicone cleansing brushes. They are so much more hygienic than a bristle brush!

Pictured here are the mini samples you can get for FREE (just pay shipping) of the L’Bri Deep Pore Set since you’ll obviously want to try it before you buy it. You can purchase the full size L’Bri skincare trio for $60.50. Get it even cheaper by buying a membership! Go and read my post on how much skincare I got for $99 when I signed up for L’Bri! It’s kind of amazing!

I admit I swap out new products all the time because I love to test out new things, but I’m fully committed to this cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. It’s easier to keep things simple!

What skincare routine do you use? Do you use a cleansing brush?

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