No Heat Summer Waves Tutorial

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No heat summer beach waves tutorialWe had the most beautiful weekend in Wisconsin. It was sunny and beautiful the entire time and it was just what I needed. It actually snowed three times last week, just lightly, but enough to dampen my mood, and after getting some sunshine (and a bit of a sunburn on the back of my neck) I feel like I am ready to move full force into the warmer months. I switched my girls’ closets over to summer already because I just can’t wait and I spent the entire weekend in flip-flops. I did laundry today and I have a gigantic sock pile that I didn’t even bother sort and I think I’ll torch them instead because summer means I’m lazy. I stop trying so hard and I skip details like socks and heat styling my hair.

I say lazy but I still like to look good so I just take some short cuts when I can. I have been preparing for a craft show this coming weekend and I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off preparing. Some of the stuff we are selling needs to be painted, and since it was so nice out I thought today might be a good day to skip heat styling and try a little experiment with pipe cleaners I had in the closet. I hit two birds with one stone and put my hair up in pipe cleaners and then went outside to paint!

Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing LineI started with Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing Hair Care line. I had seen these products in a display at Walmart and I was intrigued by the line. The Smoothing line has coconut oil and cocoa butter and smelled really delicious so I picked up four of the products. They are meant for smoothing frizz-prone hair so I thought they would be perfect to try for no heat summer beach waves. I started with both the Whole Blends Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, and finished off with the Leave-in Conditioner

pipe cleaner curls tutorialNext, I took my pipe cleaner, and I folded it in half. I planned to roll a 3-4 inch section of my hair around the base and twist it up towards my scalp. I recommend not using sparkly ones if you have them because they have too much grip and it’s hard to get the hair back out afterwards, not that I learned that the hard way or anything (ouch). pipe cleaner beach wave tutorialno heat summer beach wavesI secured the hair in place by twisting both sides of the pipe cleaner together so I had created what looked like a mini bun. I did this numerous times around my whole head. I would say for my super thick hair it took around 10-12 of these little guys.pipe cleaner curlsSince I didn’t have to wait for a curling iron to heat up each section, I was able to move quickly. I was surprised my whole head took around 10 minutes to wrap up. Typically this would take me 20-25 minutes if I was using heat. Next, I headed outside to work on some things and forgot about my hair. It was nice and warm out today but not scorching out. I let it sit for a couple hours before messing with it. I think it would have been comfortable enough to wear to bed if I chose to do so as well. garnier whole blends smoothing oilAfter unwrapping each mini bun, I had a bit of a frizzy mess. I wanted to tame the poof so I grabbed the Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing Oil. Two squirts of this in the palm of my hand was all I needed to smooth my hair shaft. I worked it from the bottom up and twisted any  misshapen pieces around nicer looking pieces to make for more of a uniform look. summer beach waves with pipecleanersVoila! The finished look is not very precise, but more of a tousled curl. I like how easy and fast this was, and that it was heatless. I wouldn’t wear this to prom, but I would wear this out and about anywhere else. The undone, messy look is in and this fits in perfectly with that vibe. Let the lazy dog days of summer begin! 

My experience with the Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing hair care line was a good one. The products are rich and hydrating and they definitely helped keep the frizz away. The price is right at $5.47 per product and since I sweat more in the warmer months I’m definitely washing my hair more than the 1-2 times per week I stick with the rest of the year. The cost is spot on and the line definitely helps me achieve an effortless hair style so it’s winning all around. 

garnier whole blends in store picHave you ever tried heatless curls? They worked out better than I thought they would! Check them out the Garnier WholeBlends Smoothing Hair care line here for more info. 

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  1. 4.18.16
    Tamra said:

    You look beautiful, I like the tousled look!

  2. 4.26.16

    Ooooh it actually works, love the result, soooo pretty!

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