New uses for your mascara spoolie

I am a fan of great beauty hacks. One time, I wrote about how you can make sure you have enough wax strips if you run out of the muslin ones and that had me hooked on coming up with multiple uses for every day items. One thing that doesn’t get enough love? Spoolies. They’re the little tiny mascara wand looking things. There are so many ingenious ways to use this little tiny wand.

Groom your brows. After applying pencil, wax, or pomade, brush through them a couple times to ensure the product is evenly distributed and everything is looking tidy.

Use them for your DIY projects. Trying to grow longer lashes? Make a mix of castor oil and other essential oils and use the spoolie to distribute the mixture evenly throughout.

Help with a plucking session. I use a tweezers to pluck out any stray hairs that mess with the shape of my brows. It works best when I brush my eyebrow hairs upwards with a spoolie and grab any of the strays that are beneath.

De-clump your lashes. After applying mascara, use a fresh spoolie to work your way through your lashes and remove any excess mascara.

Keep flyaways intact. Spritz the spoolie with a little bit of hairspray, and use it to gently brush through your hairline and fight flyaways.

Apply bottom lash mascara. If you bend your mascara wand that comes with the tube, it may not go back in the tube properly. If you bend a spoolie and it breaks, you can toss it! I like to bend these at an angle so I can reach my bottom lashes with ease.

Keep up with lash extension maintenance. I get my lashes done at Graced Face Beauty Studio and my lash girl has me maintaining them by regularly cleaning my lashes and grooming them with a spoolie to keep them in great shape.

Here’s a fun hack for your spoolies.

Spoolies can be tough to store in your makeup bag since they tend to collect fuzz and particles of anything they’re sitting next to. The solution? Cut off a tiny piece of a paper straw and use it as a sheath to store the spoolie. How cute is that? It works so well and it’s also adorable.

Tell me all your beauty hacks in the comments!

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