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new mom essentialsIf you read my blog regularly and were reading last week, you will know that I just had a baby! We have had her home exactly a week now. It’s been really exciting adding to our family, but there is so much I had already forgotten from the first time around. Today I’m going to share some things that have been in my handbag the last month (or should I say diaper bag). I could have made this list much, much longer, but decided to stick with the bare essentials today.

mom essentials

 1) A scarf. I’m a nursing mom and I don’t like to whip ’em out in public. I am finding that dressing layers and wearing a scarf helps keep me covered. I guess I’m lucky I’ve had all my babies in September so this was even an option for me! It’s getting chilly in Wisconsin lately.

2) Mitchum deodorant. While we’re talking personal hygiene, I should’ve put dry shampoo on the list. Because what new mom has time to shower every single day? I have been shooting for every other until we have a better routine down.

3) Almay Smart Shade CC Cream. I’ve been testing this out and really liking it. I am normally a huge fan of high end foundations, but I am finding for days when I won’t likely leave the house I don’t need to use my top dollar foundation. This formula is moisturizing, blends well, and if I find I need a little more coverage, I can add some concealer and it looks great! 

4) A notebook and a pen. I have so many things to write down and while preggo brain was a real thing, I swear new mom brain is also a real thing. 

5) U by Kotex. I’ll spare you the gross details, but after having a baby, you kinda NEED pads for a few weeks. U by Kotex work well and come in the prettiest packaging, something rare for a personal hygiene product. They’re actually kind of fun to carry around.

6) Kleenex Slim Packs. I need these for wiping baby drool and my nose because it’s almost allergy season! I’m so glad that U by Kotex is adding in free sample packs of these in their products right now. There is currently a share and save opportunity going on where the more times you share on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook, the higher the value of your coupon will be. The offer includes three coupons for Kleenex for either $0.50, $0.75, or $1, and three for U by Kotex for either $0.75, $1, or $1.50. 

u by kotexWhat are some of your essentials? If you’re a new mom or otherwise, please share below!

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  1. 9.22.14

    I love the U by Kotex pads but the tampons deeefinitely leave a lot to be desired. Congratulations on the new nugget! It’s so exciting to hear about new family additions, so happy for you! X

  2. 9.24.14
    Ashliegh said:

    Congratulations on the birth of your newborn baby! It’s always fun to see what the essentials are for someone as different events occur though out their lives. It helps to know what to expect when I enter motherhood in 50 years ;p

  3. 12.3.14
    Astrid said:

    Congrats on bringing your baby home. I need to share this with my friends who just became mommies.

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