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I pretty much have an affinity for all the makeup and beauty things, but there are a few brands I keep a lookout for at all times for new launches and exciting things that I have in the works. One of those brands is L’Occitane. I am always peeping at their Instagram feed, checking out their website, or snooping in and smelling all the things at their store. This week I added to my obsession a foundation a BB cream and a facial mist! These products launched this past month with the Divine Oil program that I LOVED. 

l'occitane precious mistFirst, the Immortelle Precious Mist spray. I’m a sucker for a good makeup setting spray. I probably have five bottles in my bathroom right now! The scent of this is the fresh and light scent of the infamous Immortelle. I LOVE that scent, and so much of L’Occitane’s product line is infused with it that I am holding out hopes that it is bottled into a perfume.

This fresh and light mist is enriched with immortelle floral water. You can spray it over your makeup or over your makeup free face to refresh your look and help your makeup last longer. I swear L’Occitane had a facial spray years ago that was discontinued, and this is the aerosol version of that one. Either way, you won’t find me complaining, because I love this one! If you’re interested in facial sprays, L’Occitane also has the Angelica Face Mist.

l'occitane bb creamNext, the BB cream. Yep, L’Occitane has finally come out with a foundation/bb cream. So exciting! Maybe they will dabble into makeup next. I am imagining what it would be like if they ever came out with a facial highlighter. Considering how glowy their skincare already makes me, I would just squeal. 

L’Occitane has come out with three shades of Immortelle Precious BB Cream SPF 30. Fair, light, and medium are the three shades that are being offered at the moment, but I would be curious to see if they would expand upon the shade range if they’re a hit. The formula is enriched with organic immortelle essential oil, rich in active molecules offering anti-aging results. The formula is meant to even out skin tone, soften signs of stress and fatigue by smoothing the skin, and protecting the skin with SPF to protect against photo-aging. 

l'occitane bb cream in mediumHere is  a pea sized amount swatched on my hand of the medium shade. This is the darkest shade in the range and just a touch too dark on me. Obviously I can’t apply this to my whole face because it won’t match, but it seems like it would be the perfect shade for me in the summer! L’Occitane recommends their fair shade for a light and slightly rosy skin tone, the light shade for a slightly gold skin tone, and the medium for medium to darker skin tones or for a sunkissed effect. I still think having only three shades that are slightly opaque means that not everybody will find a good match, but I will be curious to see if anyone with really dark skin finds a match in medium like they claim. A little goes a long way and the tube contains 1.3 oz so it will last a long time! 

l'occitane precious bb creamThese two new Immortelle products will be so much fun to use this summer. We are so close, you guys! It is going to be 59 degrees in Wisconsin today! My girls and I will be going to the zoo and spending time outside. I can’t wait until it’s consistently this warm out! 


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  1. 3.10.15
    Kimberly said:

    Almost 60 in Wisconsin IS Summer! 😉 Thanks for sharing your review on these two products. They sound wonderful!!

  2. 3.10.15

    ohhhhh I’d LOVE to try their BB cream. I’d definitely be fair.

  3. 3.10.15

    You have definitely made me want to see out and sniff the Immortelle scent at L’Occitane. Interesting that it’s not a perfume on its own

  4. 3.10.15

    I bet the BB cream is amazing!

  5. 3.10.15
    MarciaF said:

    Sadly I can’t take the fragrance of L’Occitane. It gets such amazing raves.

  6. 3.10.15
    Kim said:

    it sucks the BB cream only comes in three shades. I like that it offers a good amount of coverage though. I need that mist!

  7. 3.10.15

    This brand is always on my wish list, but most of their stuff is just a little too spendy for me. I’m going to cave one of these days, though. It just sounds so nice.

  8. 3.11.15
    Erika said:

    That line is just full of tempting, beautiful products.

  9. 3.11.15

    The divine line is AMAZING

  10. 3.11.15

    Itching to try that BB! I love L’Occitane too!

  11. 3.11.15
    Destany said:

    This line looks great!

  12. 3.11.15
    Jess Scull said:

    I would love to try their BB cream!! So awesome they have one now

  13. 3.11.15

    I’m a BB cream fanatic… I’ll need to try this out

  14. 3.12.15
    Kendra said:

    I know, i am so excited for Spring to get here! I love anything L’Ocittane….for reals.

  15. 3.23.15

    these sound super nice. would love to try the bb

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