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One of my favorite beauty products to test out is foundation/CC cream/any kind of base. I am always on the hunt for something that will perform miracles on my skin. I usually gravitate towards higher coverage but then when I wear it I feel like I need to wear a full face of makeup on top of it. What about the days when I don’t feel like wearing a bunch of makeup? Those days I will typically go without any. What’s the happy medium? I would love to find some favorites that I could slap on quickly that don’t look like they require a full “look” to go with them. An every day foundation in you will!

I just discovered the brand Erborian and they sent me their Glow Créme and CC Créme and I gave them a whirl. I was surpringly impressed with the finished product when I used the two together.

The Glow Créme is for all skin types, and adds the slightest touch of pearly illumination to the skin. The finished product was subtle and although it could also be used as a highlighter over makeup, I prefer it as a primer. It sunk right into my skin, made my skin look slightly brighter, and I did notice a difference in my pores looking a little more hidden! When I layered the CC Créme over top, they really worked beautifully in conjunction with each other. I wear the shade Clair, which is for light to medium skin tones. The formula, as you can see in my swatches below, is made from encapsulated pigments, and once you apply and rub it on it adapts to your skin tone. This has pretty light coverage but it’s a little dark for my fair skin. 

Base makeup is always a little funny because what you see on your face might look great but then you get outside or look in your rearview mirror and all the sudden it’s a WTF moment where you realize it’s all wrong for you. Or if you’re lucky, it still looks really good. I noticed that when I got my high definition camera out to take pictures, this looked slightly orange and my face didn’t match my neck. I could’ve put some extra concealer under my eyes and made the shade match my neck better with some bronzer, but TBH unless I am taking pictures for the blog, I don’t really need something high definition! This looks really soft and natural on me and I can even take an iPhone selfie with my forward facing camera and it really looks nice on me and not like I’m trying too hard. If I use a little bit of my Coola Sunless Tan on my face for a couple days, I will be dark enough for this to be perfect on me without using bronzer to blend it in. It also has SPF 25 but I still carry my Coola Makeup Setting Spray around so I can have extra SPF as my base product SPF wears off during the day. 

I’m pretty excited to have found these products and they’ve definitely earned their spot in my beauty bag. What do you think about these? Would you shell out for any of these Erborian products? Do you use anything else by the brand? What’s your favorite K beauty product? Do share in the comments below!

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