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I was recently given the opportunity to test out some products from Nailuv.  In case you hadn’t heard of them, they are an awesome company that specializes in gel manicures that you can do for yourself at home!  Check them out further by going to  They have a large variety of colors for sale on their website, as well as their UV and LED lamps, which are all very reasonably priced.
If you’ve never gotten a UV or GEL manicure, you are truly missing out.  I got one for my wedding last summer and have been raving about them ever since.  The standard manicure you get that is painted on your actual nail (not fakes) costs around $25 and lasts for about a week if you are lucky.  For me those type of manicures tend to last 2-3 days.  Gel manicures last until around the 2 week mark.  They are thicker, and cured with a machine.  They are so shiny and smooth they look like glass!  Normally they cost around $50.  

In this picture you can see the bonder, base/top coat, and the color I tried out, which is called Pucker Up.  Their instructions come in a very cute heart shaped guide!  I was so excited to begin, and even more so when I realized how super easy this is to do.  I should mention that on their website, the LED nail lamp that I have retails at $70 and each bottle of nail polish is $15.  On I noticed that you could buy a bottle for around $11, so if you’re interested in making a purchase, that might be worth checking into.

Essentially, the steps instruct you to apply the bonder, then apply the base/top coat (cure nails under the lamp), apply the nail color you have chosen (cure), 2nd coat if you need it (cure), and base/top coat (cure).  It is so easy that even I could do it, and I am totally hopeless when it comes to my nails.  The color I chose was called Pucker Up, which reminds me of the nail polishes I reviewed in my Clean, Fresh Nails post.

The LED lamp is oh so cute and shaped like a heart.  Only 4 fingers will fit at a time, so the instructions tell you to place your thumb in separately.  

I wanted everyone to see how cool it looked inside.  It glows blue inside, and your fingernails light up like little glow sticks where you have painted the polish.  So fun!  It cures your nail polish in only 30 seconds!

Do you love my fresh nails?  I tried to shoot them at an angle where you could see how glassy they looked.  Also, I wanted to show you the back side of the lamp.  You can see there’s a cord and an on/off switch.  It is so easy to use- you can just turn it on and off and it’s ready to go immediately.  On their site, it says when the lamp burns out in the machine, it can be replaced with a new bulb for $3.50.  I think the lamp they are referring to is a different style not available on their website right now.  If you go on Amazon you can see they have one additional style of lamp that is different.  I’m not sure what you would do if the lamp for this burnt out!  To be safe and keep my lamp’s lights lasting as long as possible, I make sure to turn the switch off if I’m doing my nails for a long time.  It doesn’t take a long time to do them, but sometimes when I’m watching tv or doing a few things at the same time, I don’t want to waste the lamp power.

I found this on Nailuv’s facebook page– I love the handy chart telling you how apply and remove the manicure.  

I found this on their site also- it shows all the colors they have right now.  I think my next choices will be Lovestruck, Blue Lagoon, High Energy, and Hardcore Rock.  Aren’t these colors vibrant and fun?  Check out their facebook to see who else has nail blogs and has tried these out and can show you up close nail art featuring these shades.
Troubleshooting Tips:
-When they say push back your cuticles, they really mean it!  Don’t get any on the skin around your nails, because the polish will peel off from your skin, and create a tiny little gap that will allow your polish to bubble up in that spot.  

– If you do bubble up your nail polish on the edge, it’s easy once it’s cured to grab hold of the corner and gently peel off the product and try again.

– The bonder is extremely liquid and has a very water consistency.  I spilled a bunch of it and flicked a bunch with my brush when I was trying to discover how it works.  Just be careful!

-It’s easy to apply too much base/top coat because it’s pretty thick and quite a bit comes off with the brush.  I recommend really spending time wiping the liquid on the side of the lid back and forth several times before applying.  You can always go back for more but getting some of it off is harder.  When they say thin coats they really mean it because between all the coats you do anyways, you build up a really thick nail.

-Because of how glassy each coat is after being cured, it is very easy to build up the color without streaks.  I placed the brush on each nail taking advantage of my smoother than smooth surface to work with.  Normal nails have ridges but once you put the base coat on it is smoother than glass applying the following coats.

-At the very end, you can use alcohol to get off a “tacky” layer.  I read that and thought…huh?  Then when I went to get up off the floor, I noticed I got some fuzz from my carpet on my fingers and it looked like I ruined my manicure.  I was super annoyed thinking I smudged it, but tried wiping it clean with the alcohol and a cotton ball and everything came off.  You would think that it would take a lot longer to dry, but the LED lamp really works and works quickly and there will be no smudges!

– Removal is pretty simple, and the nail beds don’t seem damaged afterwards.  At first I noticed that my nails looked pretty scraped up and rough and I was worried but I used a 3 way buffer, and they went back to normal right away.

The verdict?
I love this machine and the colors the company has.  I think it’s very easy to use, and for the price of a manicure of this quality in the salon, it is definitely worth buying your own gear for home.  I would also keep my eye out on Amazon and HauteLook and see if there are any deals there, as well as the company’s facebook page and website.  I noticed there was a place on their company website to sign up for emails from them where you will get notified on deals, and their facebook page gave me the head’s up that they have been on Haute Look recently.

If you are someone who likes to change nail art frequently or do polish changes several times a week, a product like this may stifle your creativity because there is really no need to change up your look for 2 weeks.  Removing this product is more difficult and time consuming than removing normal nail polish, so if you like to paint your nail zebra stripes today and leopard print tomorrow, then skip it.  However, for someone like me who has very simple taste in nail art, this is perfect.  I have seen some ideas on Pinterest for what you can do when your nail grows out (your nails will grow before they chip) and you can put some glitter on the base of your nails to cover growth.

If you want to see a post on Gel Nails you should NOT buy, check out my Nutra Nails post.

Yours in Beauty,

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