mybody Protect & Serve Sun Shield {review}

We were recently lucky enough to try a new product on the market by mybody, Protect & Serve Sun Shield Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 40.  Don’t be fooled, even though we aren’t in the heat of summer with the rays sizzling down on our skin, we still need to stay protected with a good layer of SPF.  

mybody says:

A high performance oil-free facial sunscreen shields the skin with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 40 protection and serves the skin with a healthy daily dose of essential antioxidants.
ideal for AGING, SENSITIVE and ACNE skin types
elegant, light-weight texture provides all day comfort
helps increase hydration
added antioxidants enhance protective benefits
pH: 7.5

My 51 year old mom says:
I used this in combination with a moisturizer and my skin felt great.  I did not experience any irritation so I think their claims to be appropriate for sensitive skin are true.  I have no acne so can’t judge their claim to be anti-acne but I can say that it was light and non greasy and not pore clogging.  As far as its anti aging properties I do appreciate having a facial sunscreen with a high SPF which is as high as I would use on the rest of my body and obviously protection from the sun will prevent wrinkles.  Overall my skin feels hydrated and looks healthier and brighter. I liked it enough to have purchased a second bottle, so it gets my seal of approval.

Would you try this product?  My mom’s ultra picky so if she’s a fan, I know I would love it too!

Yours in Beauty,


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