My word for 2019 (and how to come up with your own!)

My word for 2019

2018 was a big year for my family filled with extreme highs and lows. I’m grateful for the life lessons I gained this year but I’m not sorry to see it go. As we are on the cusp of a new year, I’m reflecting and looking forward to the opportunities 2019 holds. I decided to come up with a “word” for the year. A mantra of sorts, that I can repeat to myself when I need a reminder of what I want my year to look like. 

My word for 2019 is anchor.

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My highs and lows of 2018

Some of my high points in 2018- Although I was super busy with real life and had to step away from working on the blog more than I wanted to, I really nailed it this year financially. I made more money than I ever have on my blog and I attribute that to working smarter and not harder. During hard moments, I hustled hard in every area of my life and pulled my family through. Whether it was my husband being out of town for extended times, or stress of any kind…I made it. I kicked solo mothering into high gear when I had to go it alone, and proved to myself how strong I was. 

Some of my low points in 2018- During stressful times, I prioritized everyone else besides myself this year. I let anxiety and stress take ahold of me. Rather than pouring into myself, I poured myself into helping others, staying busy, and moving at a breakneck speed that overwhelmed me. I was frequently burnt out and fell off the wagon with healthy diet, exercise, and self care. 

What I want next year to look like

I want to be an anchor.

2019 needs to be about finding balance without the extremes. I want to find a way to enjoy life despite the busy and stressful moments. I’d like to be better at embracing the chaos without losing myself in the process. Finding consistency in a workout routine again and finding new healthy and easy recipes to make will help me fuel my journey. Enjoying life more as a family needs to be a priority. We work hard and I’d like to play hard without allowing myself to feel guilty about it. I’d like to travel and enjoy new opportunities.

Being satisfied without always finding a desire to own the newest and latest gadget, beauty product, clothing item, etc. is something I know I need to change but as part of human nature, it’s not easy. Being grateful for what I already have and not always reaching towards a new want is something I want to teach my kids and so something I also need to adopt. It will pave a better future for my family if we make more of an effort to save rather than always find a new habit, hobby, or “thing” to have. 

And above all…not allowing myself to feel defeated by this shift I hope to make will help me stay the course.

How I chose my word

I went through everything I wanted, and I realized that a few words/phrases described everything I was seeking for the new year. 

Balance without the extremes




Within all of these goals, what I’m really searching for is to be more anchored in my life. When life get turbulent, I want to remember to stay anchored in hope and faith that I will pull through. As I try to get back to the gym and create healthier meals for my family, I will remember that to have an anchor is to be centered and well grounded in what I want. I want my kids to feel secure and stable at home and to do that, I want to give them an example of strength.

Overall, I think “anchor” would be a good word for a lot of people, because whatever it is I want to do- be happy, be healthy, be satisfied, be grateful, etc…I just really need to be as solid as an anchor holding a ship to my goals. If I can be an anchor I can do anything this year! 

And thus, my word for the new year is anchor.

How to choose your own word

  1. Reflect upon your year. What were the high points and low points?
  2. Even if you fell short in some areas, it’s all part of the journey. What were you disappointed with this year? Write it down.
  3. What were you proud of this year? Write that down too. 
  4. In an ideal world, what would change about your life in the new year? Write that down. 
  5. For each point on your list, write down a word that describes it. 
  6. From your list of words, narrow down similar words. Check a thesaurus, Google strings of words to find a common word that combines them all, etc. Make sure the word has a positive spin.
  7. Write it down, have it engraved on something, and put post it notes around your house! Whatever will help you remember. 

Need some help coming up with your own word? Here are some of my favorites!

Discipline   Balance   Health   Rise   Gratitude   Bloom   Love   Purpose   Joy   Present   Intentional   Minimize   Grow   Renew   


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  1. 1.1.19
    Tamra said:

    This is a great idea – so much better than a New Year’s resolution. It gives you the freedom to define your word each day depending on what life brings.

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