My New Etsy Shop & Business- Magnetic Flower Bud Vases!

I’ve been itching to do something creatively for a while now. This blog is a nice little creative outlet for me but I have been wanting to create something tangible. I was at a craft show a few weekends ago and it looked like SO MUCH FUN to do something like that. My first thought was that I didn’t even know what I’d want to sell. 

I wanted to create something useful, cute, and giftable. With the holidays coming up I started thinking about how quickly these years with young kids pass us by. My oldest is three already and I just can’t believe it. And BINGO, it hit me. I wanted to create something to display the little flowers she gives me that she has picked and is SO proud of, and they are too tiny to put anywhere. So, with that I give you my new endeavor- miniature magnetic flower bud vases. 

IMG_0909I am SO proud of these. I have been troubleshooting them for a few weeks now. I have been playing with paint, trying to dream up what would be the most popular colors, and making sure they’re high in quality. I have been playing with the glass vials and copper wire and magnets and FINALLY the week of Black Friday I came out of my testing with a product I am proud of. I absolutely love these and I am so excited to be selling these on Etsy! flower bud vasesA friend and I have been putting these together over the past week or so and it’s been so much fun. I picture these as the perfect gift for teachers, moms, grandparents, and pretty much anyone on your list. Best yet, they are $8 each, which is right around how much I am hoping to spend on most people on my shopping list. 

display boardI have so many more fun ideas with these! I am so excited to share them with you and I hope you like them as much as I do. Because I love you and it’s Black Friday, I wanted to share a special savings with you. The code 25OFF will get you 25% off anything in my shop, with no minimum order through December 1st. 


I am so grateful for this blog as my creative outlet and I’m very excited about adding Etsy to the mix. I hope you take a peek and let me know what you think. Thanks so much for your support!

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  1. 11.27.15

    These are super cute. You will do great

    • 11.29.15
      justina said:

      Thank you so much! I hope so 🙂

  2. 11.27.15
    Tamra said:

    These would be cute even in groups of 3 or 5. Sweet way to jazz up the fridge or even a file cabinet.

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