My Makeup Organization- Sherrieblossom Icebox Review- Updated June 2014


My readers count on me for unbiased reviews that give a true reflection of my experience with the products that I try. In May of last year, I received a Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Wide for purposes of review. It is a truly beautiful organizer made from top of the line acrylic. Each box is handcrafted, which makes them a little on the pricey side. The ICEbOX Wide is the largest size available, and at the time of my review sold for $395. Now it is selling for $415. They are sold online and at Neiman Marcus. I am sorry to say, I am no longer able to recommend this product.
sherrie blossom ice box wide review
As you can see, this unit is absolutely gorgeous. In fact, I think it’s the most beautiful makeup storage unit I’ve laid my eyes upon. When it’s empty, it is clear and almost looks invisible. The point is that it appears as though your makeup is floating. The drawer pulls are rounded rather than squared off and look very sleek and contemporary.
There are 5 drawers and 6 tiers. The top tier is the lid and the bottom 5 tiers are the drawers. The dimensions are 15Lx12Wx12H, Lid 2″H, Drawer 2″H. It comes with 3 sets of removable and adjustable inserts. 
What impressed me the most about this unit was how much it stored and how it is meant specifically to store makeup and beauty products. There are so very few things on the market like this so it’s such an exciting discovery. I used it for about 9 months before I started to have some problems though, which is what I am getting into next! 
sherrie blossom damaged ice box 3
Do you see the bubbling on the crack of the drawer above? Each drawer has tiny little bubbles that run the length of the drawer. To be honest, this doesn’t even bother me although the Sherrieblossom ICEbOX website specifically indicates in their FAQ section that this is something that sets them apart. You shouldn’t experience any bubbling of the glue! 
To be fair, you are only supposed to use their Novus cleaner to clean it, and if you use other cleaners the chemicals in them might damage the Lucite. I didn’t ever buy their cleaner, so I just wiped this down with a cloth whenever it got too fingerprint-y for me. Chemicals found in beauty products can also cause the glue to bubble. These include Windex, perfume, alcohol, and hairspray. Considering this is meant to hold beauty products I found that interesting. I’m assuming spilled nail polish or remover could be guilty of causing this much damage, but I didn’t store heavy duty chemicals in here. 
The next problem was the icing on the cake for me and why I had to update my review. As you can see below, the ICEbOX started bowing. The drawers that so beautifully used to fit within the grooves no longer slide like they use to. Each drawer with lip is 372 mm wide. The inner width of the walls at the top and bottom are 370 mm wide. The inner width of the middle of the walls is 372 mm wide. There is a 2 mm deviation throughout the box. It is bowing in the middle, which is what is causing the drawers to no longer fit where they are supposed to go! 
sherrie blossom ice box damage 1
In the above picture, the bottom drawer is left out because it wasn’t fitting properly and I didn’t want to force it. In my experience with this box, if I try to force a drawer to fit in, I am not able to easily get it back out. I cut myself on a drawer trying to remove it, so now I am wary to keep all the drawers in the box. In my correspondence with the company, they told me there are several reasons all related to user error for why the bowing may have happened:

  1. The bowing can occur if the box is not sitting on a hard and flat surface. (For the entire time that I’ve owned the ICEbOX, I’ve had it sitting on my vanity or above my Ikea Alex organizer. In both instances, it was sitting on a completely hard and flat surface.)
  2. The bowing can occur if the ICEbOX is sitting on the hard and flat surface with a cloth underneath, as it is shown in these pictures. (The cloth was placed under the box only for the sake of taking pictures because the Alex bounces glare off the acrylic in pictures.) 
  3. There are four rubber bumpers on the bottom of the frame in each of the corners. If these fall off they can cause the weight to shift and cause friction in the drawers. (You can see one of the bumpers in the picture above. I was almost positive that this was going to be the problem, but when I went to check, I found all four were perfectly intact.) 
  4. User error.


sherrie blossom ice box damaged 2
You can see in the picture above, at the very top of the picture, the box is flat to the drawer, and it bows out underneath that. 
I would hate to think I personally did anything to hurt this beautiful acrylic container, as I treated it with so much love and TLC, but according to the company, I am their first complaint. According to this review on Amazon, I am not though, so that makes me feel a little better! 
The curing process behind the ICEbOX has been tested over the course of many years, and they have produced thousands of boxes. In their experience, I am the first customer to come forward with mention of the glue bubbling and a bowing frame. According to their company, the only problems that have ever occurred with the box are not due to manufacturer defect, but from outside factors. It’s a little disheartening to think of a beautiful box like this one warping to the point where I can’t get the drawers out, and the glue bubbling on every seam after only 9 months of use. For that reason, I just can’t endorse this on my blog any longer.
I’ve had good luck with a competitor’s clear acrylic drawer system, but I wish the top flipped open like the ICEbOX. The search continues for a high quality drawer system whose looks compare to this one but lasts a little longer! 

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  1. 5.17.13
    ddpanda said:

    I love this! I have seen the larger ones but not a smaller one like this where it can fit on a vanity or counter in the bathroom. It’s so perfect!

    • 5.17.13

      It’s crazy because it’s HUGE but it feels on a very small amount of the counter. It’s actually larger than some other models I’ve tried but seems smaller somehow. I don’t know- it just takes up more space going up and down maybe? It’s awesome!!

  2. 6.16.14

    Yikes- it sounds like you really cared for your unit well & they basically said it was your fault without a reason. I’m really glad you wrote another post- I know now that this would be a waste of money for me. I’ll look for something similar elsewhere.

    • 6.16.14
      Justina said:

      Yes, I treated it really well so it’s a shame!

      • 8.20.14
        Lenchen said:

        Wow it’s a shame this happened, if you’re looking for another option, you can checkout the original clear cube at this website. I purchased a clear cube wide 2 years ago,not knowing the source of the Kardashian’s clear cube/ice box and it’s just fine!
        I think the shopping portion of the website is unavailable at the moment however.

  3. 6.21.15
    Tiffany LeMonte said:

    I have had same issue with my unit also. I have taken great care and mine was bowed from day one. I didn’t bother returning cause I was in process of a move and didn’t remove from packing for several months. It was in my air conditioned home. Any ideas or remarks on how to repair or alleviate issue somewhat?

    • 6.21.15
      justina said:

      HI Tiffany!

      I had bad luck dealing with their customer service. I received mine as a press sample in exchange for my honest opinion and got the vibe that I better LOVE it or else. It’s a really pricey unit and I was really bummed that it didn’t stand the test of time. I don’t always update my reviews but when something so expensive fails so badly for me, I feel the need to update! Where did you purchase it at? I feel like it HAS to have a warranty of some kind given the price!

      The eDiva is what I’m recommending these days- you can find my review here (it’s older and the pictures suck, don’t judge lol)

      I hope you are able to resolve the issue with your Sherrieblossom. I never was able to fix it, it’s sitting in storage empty in my basement right now. 🙁

      • 6.14.17
        Lisa said:

        Hi Justina!

        Wish that I could buy it from you if you are no longer using it. No matter what I say, my daughter wants this icebox so badly and only an icebox. She doesn’t ask for much, but she really wants this for Christmas. I’ve thought about it since she is a clean fanatic and takes care of her things and can’t stand clutter. She doesn’t watch any reality TV, but she watches the youtube make-up videos a lot. I’ve showed her the not so sublime reviews, but she somehow thinks she can fix it
        and make it work. But, what can I tell you, she is only 14. For the price, I want it to last 10 years, not 9 months. Any desire to sell yours, you can message me.

        • 6.17.17
          justina said:

          I no longer even have it 🙁 Sorry Lisa. I hope your daughter is able to find something. I’m still getting great mileage out of my eDiva though. I’ve seen the makeup organizers with the flip up lids at TJ Maxx and Home Goods so you might try there. They run about $100.

  4. 9.25.15
    nadia said:

    i wanted to buy an icebox. For the price you would assume it should last you many years to come.
    Now… I’m not so sure if i should take the plunge and buy it based on your review.
    What do you think of the clear cube? Which product are you happy with? do you think maybe yours was just a dud? Im upset that the company didn’t sort the problem out for you but I suppose that may be because they sent you one for free? Maybe for a customer that paid they may treat it a little differently?

    • 9.26.15
      justina said:

      Hi Nadia! Thanks so much for your comment! If I was using my own money and looking for storage, I would take into account whether I rented or owned my own home and how I thought my makeup storage needs would change over time. Although this didn’t work for me, my eDiva was still going strong. Now I own a home and my bathroom is set up differently and I don’t have enough counter space for it. I’d be mad if I had spent a lot of money on it and now it’s sitting unused!

      I asked around and got a lot of feedback from some friends. I’ll share with you what they said! Hautelook is a great place to look for clear storage, SOHO has awesome clear organizers that most HomeGoods/Ross/TJMax stores keep in stock but you can also find them at Target for full price. Amazon also has some really affordable options, Muji has some affordable options. This is another one that you might enjoy from Melodie Susie- here’s a link to the review-, people have had great luck with the Original Beauty Box, and many others!

      Two bloggers I have seen review many storage options are Love for Lacquer and Temptalia. I would google search their sites to see what they have reviewed and how it may match your needs!

      If you are still thinking about the Icebox, I would check out Amazon reviews and how they have responded to people who were not impressed with the item. They seem to be unrelenting that there could never be a problem with their product. Good luck to you in whatever you choose! 🙂 Let me know if I can be of any more help.

      • 4.25.19
        Nadia T said:

        Updating this. I had it for a year and kept it on a flat surface and… it bowed.
        The drawers no longer fit into it properly and I’ve hurt my hand multiple times when I’ve tried to refit the drawers and all of them came crashing down on me. When I emailed customer service about my disappointment they told me sorry their insurance doesn’t cover replacements and there’s nothing I can do about it.
        I posted my honest opinion on Instagram about their product and left comments on their Instagram pictures. All they did was block me from their account so that I could no longer see their posts. Terrible company with terrible customer service. Don’t buy this product. It’s not worth the annoyance and cut fingers from the drawers not fitting correctly. It bowed within less than a year. (I’ve had other acrylic organizers that never had this problem.)

        • 4.26.19
          justina said:

          It seriously is one of the biggest ripoff products that exists IMO. I’m so sorry you’ve had a bad experience too.

  5. 10.30.15
    Jocelyn said:

    I have the SAME complaints as u listed!! I was so proud of my icebox at first but now I hate it! Every shelf gets jammed and I have to take each and every shelf out to fix the one shelf that wasnt closing. My side are bending out, I wonder how long i can continue using this organizer before it falls apart. I really want to buy a new makeup organizer but I’m going to use this until it falls apart because of the price I paid for it. I hate to say it but I DO NOT recommend the icebox.

  6. 11.25.17
    Nadia said:

    So I did purchase the icebox and within six months the drawers stopped fitting. I paid the 4-500 for the product and expected it to last much longer than six months. When I contacted the company they didn’t even bother trying to help and stated that they can’t do anything about it.
    Their customer service was non existent and I’m stuck with a bad product. I treated it with care and followed their instructions to the T. It didn’t save the product. They do not care about their customers. Worst company I have ever dealt with.

    My drawers don’t fit, the Bowing is horrible and every time I try to fix the drawers by pulling them all out and putting them back in one always slams into my fingers and cuts me. I should have listened to your honest review and realized that yours wasn’t the exception but was rather the norm for their product.

    I highly recommend any potential buyer stays away from this inferior product. They are likely celebrity endorsed because they send it to celebrities for free and pay them to recommend it.

    • 2.4.18
      justina said:

      I’m sorry for the late response on this. Your response was in my spam. I totally agree. Their customer service is awful and I felt bullied by them since they had sent me a free product. Trust me, I review enough items I get for free that it literally affects my review by NONE. I’m so sorry you’ve had issues like I did.

  7. 6.14.18
    Gretchen said:

    I just purchased an Icebox from this company and the customer service is absolutely horrendous. I hope and pray that my icebox will be in good shape because I don t think Sherrie Blossom would come come to the rescue.

    • 6.14.18
      justina said:

      I’m so sorry to hear this. I agree, their customer service is complete crap. They definitely don’t care that their product is an incredibly high price for the low quality. If you have an experience to share, feel free to leave it in a comment. I get a lot of comments on this post that they are awful.

  8. 2.14.20
    THI said:

    How long did you wait for your icebox to be delivered? I keep emailing them but the verdict was I’m on a waitlist for 3 months??? Now I’m thinking they’re fraudulent and I’ll never get my icebox. They prioritise celebrities and ignore true customers that paid with their hard earned money. I’m so frustrated.

    • 2.18.20
      justina said:

      I got mine right away. I definitely wouldn’t order one. The quality is crap over time.

    • 3.24.20
      justina said:

      They’re an absolutely horrible company and I’d fight for your money back. I don’t believe that they even sell them to celebrities. I think they gift them for a mention.

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