My Favorite Hand Sanitizers

What a time to be alive, when we are trying to figure out our favorite hand sanitizers, since we carry them everywhere. Truthfully, I’m more of a wash my hands with soap and water kind of a gal, but with the coronavirus circling around, I’ve been more careful everywhere I go. Of course I still wash my hands, but I’ve been diligent about sanitizing every time I leave the house or make contact with someone. That said, I’ve been cycling through hand sanitizer pretty fast and I now have three favorites!

These are my choices that match what I’m looking for, which is pretty simple! Something that smells pleasant, doesn’t dry out my hands and has at least 70% alcohol.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Touch Hand Sanitizer Spray: This one is my favorite. It’s $10, comes in a spray pump, and has 80% alcohol. It smells AMAZING, and is their signature scent of the Sol Cheirosa ’62 and Bum Bum Cream. It has glycerin to keep hands soft, and all profits go directly to benefit Bayada Home Healthcare and their home health care staff who care for the elderly and the most vulnerable.

Phlur Lavender Sprig Hand Sanitizer: This has a super light, fresh scent, is a plant-based formula, and leaves my hands soft and smelling great. Hopefully clean too! It’s 72% alcohol and you can get three 2-oz bottles for only $14. This is definitely the most economical of the options I have found.

Saie Hand Sanitizer: I don’t know the exact stats on this, but it ships free with any order from Saie, no minimum required! It has glycerin and Vitamin E so it leaves my hands feeling soft, and the tangerine oil gives it a nice light citrusy scent. I don’t think you can purchase it on its own at the moment, but buy their Glowy Super Gel and you’ll get one for yourself! Totally worth it.

Have you been using hand sanitizer? Have you found any favorites along the way? Share with me what you’re loving in the comments!

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  1. 8.18.20

    Gonna try these sanitizers this coming weekend. Hand sanitizers are very essential nowadays. Thank you very much for sharing this.

  2. 10.8.20

    It’s very helpful to know this. Nowadays hand sanitizers are frequently used, so knowing this is very informative. Thank you very much!

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