My 5 Favorite Products From Clinique

I’m so excited to be kicking off this beauty series from the Beauty Spotlight Team today. We are each writing about our top five favorite products from a brand. I have a lot of favorite brands, but I’ve been writing about Clinique* a lot lately, so I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you what my top five favorite products from them include!

5 favorites from clinique1) All About Eyes: This is my all time favorite eye cream. I can’t speak highly enough of how much I love this. I have tested other eye creams over the years that have been great, but when I run out of them, I always end up repurchasing an All About Eyes. The formula to this just can’t be beat. It’s creamy, nourishing, and I love it for day or nighttime use. When I wear it to bed, I wake up with my under eye area feeling soft and refreshed, and it wears beautifully under makeup too! It’s actually on my to do list to replace this tub today because I just ran out of the one I had going.

2) Acne Solutions Acne + Line Correcting Serum: Another winning product from Clinique’s skincare line is a new favorite of mine that helps with both acne and anti-aging. In the past, if I’ve had an acne flare-up, I’ve had to use a product to combat that, and then find another product to keep my skin hydrated and dewy. It can be a challenge to find products to layer when you have dry skin and you want to target anti-aging, but you also have acne! So many acne products are drying and make my face feel tight and my makeup look patchy over top. I’ve been meaning to write a full review on this product because it’s been such a miracle to me. I love that it helps with multiple skin issues and wears great during the day or at night. I ran out of this serum a couple weeks ago, and I’ve absolutely noticed the difference in my skin since I’ve stopped using it. It’s currently in my Sephora cart! Better yet, it’s only $44.50 which is really not that expensive considering all that it does! 

3) Moisture Surge Overnight Mask: I’m really impressed with Clinique’s skincare line as a whole, but I wanted to bring you one of my cheater products as a selection in my list of favorites. My skin is dry so it just drinks up the Moisture Surge products. In the winter, I tend to go through moisturizer SO FAST it’s not even funny. I was at the counter to replace my jar of Moisture Surge when I spotted this mask. The mask is 3.4 oz for $34.50 whereas the biggest jar of the regular Moisture Surge is 2.4 oz and retails for $52.50. Of course, the formula is slightly different in a mask vs. the regular but the premise is the same. I often reach for a cream with SPF for daytime use, so I was mostly using Moisture Surge at night anyway. But having an extra ounce and paying almost $20 less was a nice little incentive to try this mask. I love that it’s in a squeeze tube I don’t have to dip my fingers into, and I wake up with plump, fresh, hydrated, and glowy skin whenever I use this. As a bonus, Clinique now offers minis of its masks, so you can try them at drugstore prices if you want to go that route! 

favorite clinique products4) High Impact Mascara: This isn’t the mascara I have pictured above right now (that one is the new Flutter-to-Full) but it’s my favorite in Clinique’s line. Are you noticing a trend? My favorite things are things I tend to run out of often! I love everything about High Impact. It’s super black, and it does everything that my $30 mascaras do at a $16.50 price tag. If you’ve ever gotten one of Clinique’s Gift with Purchase bags, you’ve probably tried this one before! 

5) Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Bare Pop: I would consider this my favorite nude lipstick if I had to choose! Clinique describes it as a low shimmer mid-tone nude. I reviewed this last fall HERE if you’re interested in seeing it on me. This formula of lipsticks is bold, they stay forever, and the range of shades is really pretty. I was surprised to find a nude shade I loved so much in this range considering they can be tricky to wear.

If I had to choose a few honorable mentions, I’m really loving their Blended Face Powder (read review) at the moment, and another lippie formula that I tend to hoard are their Chubby Sticks. I didn’t even touch upon their foundations, of which I own several! I have a fall foundation post coming up soon and I’m sure I’ll feature a selection from Clinique so stay tuned. I have always been impressed with their skincare line too, and I’m trying out some Pep Start products at the moment which would be perfect for back to school if you’re in the mood to shop. 

If you’re interested in reading more Clinique posts on my blog, click HERE.

Do you have a favorite brand? Have you tried Clinique recently? What are some of your favorite products by them?

*Affiliate links in use. Some products sent for consideration, some I’ve bought for myself. I’ve used Clinique for years and even products that were sent to me in this post I have and will repurchase for myself!  

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  1. 8.7.16
    Pam said:

    Thanks for sharing all your favorites from Clinique! 🙂 I am going to have to check out that serum. It sounds amazing. Have a great weekend!!!

  2. 8.8.16

    Good tips! What I love from Clinique are High Impact Mascara 01 Black for my lower eyelashes and Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer with full coverage and “cakeyness”.

  3. 8.9.16
    MarciaF said:

    I only used Clinique for years and you are reminding me why. One of the things I always loved was that their GWP gave me a chance to learn so much of the line.

  4. 8.10.16

    I am a forever Clinique girl! I’m obsessed with ALL the Chubby Sticks right now! Their Chubby Stick foundation is amazing right now and works so well with my type 3 skins. I have recently started using the Pep Start eye cream and really like it too. I haven’t tried that new mascara yet but I want to check it out.

  5. 8.7.16
    Linda said:

    I had eye surgery last year. When I had the Dr. OK to use eye makeup I did. I kept getting infections, even after buying all new eye makeup. I heard that Clinic eye makeup was very good. I tried it and have never had any more problems. I love it. I just wish they had more Matt eye shadow colors.

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