Mother’s Day 2013 Ideas

Just a few (better late than never!) ideas for Mother’s Day this weekend. I hope if you are a mom, you get spoiled beyond belief. If you’re not, this is a great list of goodies that your mom might like! And if you don’t have a mother, spoil someone else’s mom. And if you don’t know any moms, this is a great time to splurge on yourself! I am always looking for a reason to spoil myself or be spoiled…it’s my birthday, it’s my half birthday, it’s only 3 days from my husband’s birthday and I don’t want to feel left out when he opens all the presents and I don’t have any…etc. You catch my drift. 
Mother’s Day falls on my hubby’s birthday this year, so I’m sure I won’t be having a huge celebration. But I will be hitting him up for a few pampering items on this list!
Bath & Body Works has the best smelling candles, period. I love that store because their scents rock and they literally always have a coupon out. I try to snatch up as much as I can during their semi-annual sale as well. This candle is called Bright Bouquet and I think it would really perk up my living room area- A beautiful blend of florals, citrus and the perfect hint of mint; this candle will surely last longer than a bouquet of roses.
Tocca is also a brand I really stand behind- their fragrances are amazing, and they are so chic in their glass bottles. I have so many of their perfumes already, why not try their body wash and body lotion? This scent in Florence is such a sophisticated scent and I love layering the body wash, lotion, and perfume together for a longer lasting fragrance. They are also paraben free, which is good news for those of us who try to avoid them- Florence Crema da Corpo is an enriched body lotion with natural extracts from sweet almond oil, shea butter and honey to moisturize and soothe dry, sensitive skin. The luxurious formula absorbs quickly, leaving behind silky skin scented of bergamot and gardenia.

If you’re looking for a post on fragrance layering, I’ll be doing a feature on that soon! Stay tuned on the blog in coming weeks.
Rome Honeysuckle Amore is looks like such a romantic scent for summer. This one is also from B&BW and right now they’re doing a buy 3 get 3 free! I’m such a sucker for those sales. I can’t wait to go to the mall and take a whiff of this. If it’s anything like their Venice Dolce Berry scent (I’ll be reviewing soon) I know it will smell like a little slice of heaven.
Flor Violeta by Avon is in the most gorgeous bottle. It reminds me a lot of some of the other fragrances like Guess Girl that were out this spring. This chic bottle would look so cute on my vanity. Green apple extract, raspberry leaves, and dewberry scents are the top notes, violet blossom, sun-ripened currant, and pink peony are the middle notes, and soft musk, cedarwood and warm sandalwood are the base notes. For $28, this is WAY cheaper than most perfumes from the department store and just as cute!
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This Tiny Tillia tote bag is SO not something I’d ever carry, but it would be kind of perfect for a grandma! I imagine cutting out a picture of my dog, Ruckus, and my daughter and then probably one of our whole family in the middle and giving it to an older relative. Seriously, old people eat this hokey stuff up…tote bags are totally in for them. For me, not so much.
I just got my hair done in the salon two days ago and I’m still stretching out my blow-out, trying to keep my hair looking sleek and fabulous. What if I could have hair that was flawlessly straight and smooth every day like this? This John Frieda 3-Day Straight Semi-Permanent Styling Spray looks intriguing to me, and for $10 might be worth testing out. It promises to seal in straight styles for up to 3 days. Have any of you tried this? It’s only $10! If it does what it says this could be groundbreaking for me.

I’m always wearing my hair tie around my wrist in case I want my hair up later. These Maddyloo hair ties are a totally welcome departure from my normal boring tie. I love these sparkly beauties and they look great around my wrist as jewelry, and they are snag free in my hair! Best yet, they come in an adorable box that is perfect for gifting. Every woman I know with hair past her shoulders would benefit from this gift! To follow them on social media:
Twitter: @maddyloos
Instagram: @maddyloos

What’s on your Mother’s Day wish list? 

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