Moroccanoil Volumizing Essentials Kit

I am getting so excited for Christmas! Mainly, I’m excited for gift giving. It’s my favorite thing to do in the entire world, and there is a whole holiday season dedicated to giving to others. I spend the entire year shopping for gifts for people so I can find the perfect items. When I saw the Moroccanoil Volumizing Essentials Kit, I squealed. This is the perfect gift for my mom! (And for YOUR mom, and for your best friend, and for you. Pretty much perfect for anyone with hair!) 
The Volumizing Essentials Kit contains three popular items from Moroccanoil’s line- Moroccanoil Treatment Light (50ml), Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse (250ml), and Moroccanoil Weightless Hydrating Mask (75ml). The set retails for $68.
These are some of my favorite products PERIOD and I use these nearly every day. To imagine them all in the same kit with one another is pure heaven. 
I use the Moroccanoil Treatment Light right after my shower every day. It soaks into my hair and makes it glossy, shiny, and soft. I can always feel a difference if I skip this step. This is a mid range size that doesn’t appear to be offered normally. I see that a 0.85 oz bottle retails for $16.60, and a 3.4 oz bottle retails for $43 on the website. This one is a 1.7 oz bottle which seems to be a happy medium! But trust me, when you try this, you’re going to want the 3.4 oz bottle. It lasts forever and ever and is sooo good!
The Weightless Hydrating Mask is normally sold for $41 for 8.5 oz, at its smallest size. What a great opportunity to test out a smaller size before investing in the big one! I love that this is in a squeezy bottle instead of a large tub. That always makes application much easier. I always fear I’ll drop the tub when it’s open and I’ll waste the product everywhere anyway! This is a rich and creamy mask that is formulated a little bit lighter than the regular mask, hence the word “weightless.”
The Volumizing Mousse in this package is the 8.5 oz size, which is full size and retails at $28. I love this volumizing mousse, and that it gives a little bit of hold but not too much. I like to spray this on the crown of my long hair when it’s slightly damp, or towel dried. It amps up the volume just a little bit. When I have had shorter hair in the past, I went through volumizing mousse like it was going out of style. 

The kit comes housed in the white bag you saw in the first two pictures. It’s like a crocodile skin white fake leathery type deal. I like it! It would be easy to store your products in the bag, or you could use it when you travel for a cosmetics or hair bag. 

Considering the Moroccanoil treatment is light, and the Weightless Hydrating Mask, is weightless, I think this would be perfect for a short haired girl or guy on your shopping list. It works well with long hair too as I can attest, but imagine how great it would be to have products specified as being light for your short hair, so as not to weigh it down? You could have all kinds of volume that way!

Have you checked out any kits for the holidays? I think this one is a great value for hair! Let me know if you check it out!

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