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My in-laws are in town and rather than hang out in cyberspace this week, I wanted to hang out with real people (sorry!) I’ll be back soon, but in the meantime I grabbed up some high quality reads from some of my favorite bloggers. Check out Ashley at the Modernette‘s Road Trip Essentials. And while you’re at it, go check out her site. It’s fabulous and if you’re a blogger yourself you will be especially excited for the awesome tips she gives out!
I am a road trip junkie.  Seriously.
Within the first year of getting my license, I had clocked miles through my own province, through Banff, into Calgary, down to Washington and Oregon.  After that it was two Seattle trips in as many months, and then one five day trip down through California into San Francisco.  And this list does not include the countless day-long trips driven in the twelve hour radius around my hometown, of course!
Over the last five or six years of doing this, I’ve learned what bring-alongs are essential for a successful road trip, and what things you probably won’t care about once you’ve encountered a state rest stop or two.
After making a few short lists of various must haves, I’ve narrowed my top seven down to the following items.  
1.  An extra pair of socks will always, always come in handy.  No matter the season or the activity, a pair of socks will save the day.  Seriously.  Use one as a backup wallet, slide one over your used umbrella to keep water contained, cut one into a scrunchie in a pinch or even roll both into a makeshift travel pillow!  The possibilities are endless.  Socks are basically the pocket knife of road trips.
2.  A car powered USB charger is a necessity.  I’m not even kidding.  Sure, you’ll spend a few hours in a motel room while you’re asleep – but what about the 12+ hours a day you’re spending in the car, using your phones for music, directions, communication and photo taking?  Keep this handy guy plugged into your cigarette lighter, and you won’t have to worry about riding your 10% full phone battery.
3.  Getting a knapsack with a ton of little compartments and hidden pockets is a must.  Tuck some emergency money into one of the zippers just in case you lose your wallet, or use the smaller compartments for your dirty underwear and as safe travel compartments for your must have tourist trinkets!
4.  Another electricity related gadget that may save the day is a wall USB outlet.  The one I chose just uses one standard wall plug, but it has the ability to charge up to four separate devices.  No more sharing outlets, half charged phones, or switching off charge cords.  I would personally consider this guy a necessity.
5.  Do I even need to explain why cute sunglasses are a must?  Not only do they obviously block the sun, but they’ll add even more personality to the endless amount of selfies you will inevitably take while bored in the passenger seat.  Pick up a new novelty pair for each trip, and soon you’ll have a neat collection of road specific mementos!
6.  I’m just going to put this one out there: chew-able toothpaste.  I know, I know, sounds totally gross, right?  Well, when you’re standing roadside with a mouth full of tire dust and no gas station or bottled water in sight, these little dudes will save your mouth related sanity.  Pop one in, use your tongue to swish it around, wipe your face down with a wet nap, and you’re ready for another day.
7.  I always like to take a wrist watch along just in case something really bizarre happens.  Imagine that you and your road buddy decide to do a split shopping trip, visiting your personal favourites before meeting up at a specified location in an hour or two.  Now, imagine that your phone dies when you’re fifteen minutes into the solo trip.  Here’s where your wrist watch will come in handy!
And that’s it!  My top seven road trip essentials.  I guarantee that any combination of the above items will make life in a car with one or two other people for endless days at a time totally bearable!

How about you?  What are your favourite must-haves for when you split on a weekend trip with your car and friends?

Adventures, Sun and the Sea!

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