March 2022 Newness

Hello! After a long hiatus with lots of spotty consistency in between for the last two years (!) The last couple years has been hard on everyone. I’m finally ready to come back to this space and give it my all.

So, what have I been up to?

We moved back to my hometown area in La Crosse, WI.

My kids are thriving at their new elementary school.

I’m back in school for psychology and writing. It’s been fun and also kept me super busy.

I had a massive eye surgery for my detached retina. It involved a vitrectomy and a scleral buckle. My vision is shot for now in my left eye. while I’m involved in the healing process.

I’m working on self-care as I try to pick myself up from the last couple years of chaos. Therapy, exercise, journaling, getting some fresh air, etc. have all been important to me in this season.

I am looking forward to sharing more posts on beauty and mindfulness soon! I shared a post full of books I wanted to read in 2022, so I promise to update y’all on what I have been reading this year so far. I’ve also been enjoying some new beauty stuff I’m trying. I’ve been using a lot of products from Clinique and MAC lately. Can’t wait to share more!

Take care of yourself and see you soon!

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