How to Make Dark Lipstick Wearable


The stretch between February and May is the longest of the year for me. I am eagerly anticipating Spring’s arrival, and can’t wait to wear a t-shirt and a sundress again. In the meantime, this week Mother Nature gifted Wisconsin with some of the most beautiful weather and we are getting a rare taste of Spring in mid February. I have been so inspired lately to create different makeup looks and shake up my beauty routine with different brands and products than I would normally wear. That brings us to vampy lipstick- something I don’t normally toy with! I have worn it a couple times recently and thought I would bring you a few tips on how I am making it every day wearable for me!

1) Wear full coverage foundation– If I am going to be wearing something dark on my lips, I want to cancel out any hint of redness in my complexion or I find it doesn’t flatter me at all. I am really enjoying Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer for full coverage. I love the luminous finish I get when I pair it with the Lancome Absolue Powder in Pearl (read my review).  

2) Find a dark lipstick that makes you feel confident– There are so many choices of colors for dark lipstick- black, purple, green, etc. I personally feel like a deep shade of red or plum flatters me best and makes me feel the most comfortable. Darkroom is a semi-matte bordeaux and plum blend that I really love. Avant Garde Pop is a deep, matte violet. I’m wearing it in the picture below!

3) Keep the rest of your makeup minimal– Of course, if you want to go all out with bright blush and eyeshadow the sky is the limit. But when I wear dark lipstick, I like to keep everything else really minimal. I’ve been enjoying Jane Iredale Cream Blush in Candid (a warm, rosy neutral) as well as the Tarteist Pro Palette which has lots of options for eyeshadow looks no matter what you are going for. Benefit Roller Lash keeps my lashes fluttery and Mystikol cream eyeliner helps define my lash line. 

I’m typically a neutral kind of gal (these are my favorite mauve nude shades!) but it can be so fun to play around with a different look. If you are trying something out of the box for the first time, try it when you’re out of town or running an errand where nobody will see you. It is pretty fun to play!

Do you wear dark lipstick? How do you find it most wearable for you?


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