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Have you heard of MAKE Cosmetics by We See Beauty yet? They have a truly unique story behind their brand, and their makeup is very one of a kind!

The We See Beauty Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to incubate and accelerate women-led, worker-owned cooperatives to drive large scale change. A million dollar endowment has been made to the Foundation to promote social and economic change through cooperative development: establishing more businesses that are owned by their workers. 

33.3% of sales (not profits) from the website goes to the We See Beauty Foundation. 

I was really excited to test out these items because last time I got items from this company to review they didn’t quite match my skin tone or style. One thing to know about MAKE is that many of their products are cutting edge. It’s easy to find a lipstick for the very bold and brave within their collection! The last foundation I tried from them was also too dark. But moving right along…the makeup I have today was just right on me!
First up, the Face Gloss. This is meant to be worn over makeup as a clear brightening or illuminating gel. This is a product I would recommend for someone with a normal skin type, and especially for someone with really clear skin. I could see this being a train wreck on someone with really greasy skin. My skin has been pretty clear lately, so I thought I’d try it out as intended. I wore this just up on my cheekbones and surprisingly liked the effect I got from it.

A few things to note when wearing it that way- be careful that your hair doesn’t get stuck to your cheeks if it’s windy outside. And you will need to tap it on to your skin rather than smearing it on or you might ruin the makeup underneath.

When I wore this, I went out to the mall with my baby, and a woman stopped me and quite literally took a look at my face and told me I looked “beautiful like a piece of art.” I was wearing all MAKE products, including the Face Gloss. I was at first flattered, until she continued to follow me around the mall and I almost called mall security. So yeah…if you want to look like a piece of art….?

If you’re not quite as brave as I was to test it as a face gloss, it makes for a great clear lip gloss, and is only $18 for .4 oz. It is also not tested on animals, cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, preservative-free, fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, and talc-free.

The Custom Finish Effects-Matte/Dew is one of the most interesting products I’ve seen recently. This is a skin perfector that gives you the finish you want, where you want it. The peach side is a mattifying gel that reduces the appearance of find lines and pores, and the pink side is moisturizing and leaves the skin hydrated. You can use this over makeup, and reapply throughout the day. 
This product is so unique! I’m still playing with it to see how I like it but so far so good. In the summer, my skin is pretty balanced naturally, but in the colder months, my skin goes combination and a little haywire. I’m so excited to see how well this product works in the winter weather when I will get the most use out of it. I feel like in the huge compact, it’ll last me forever!
The Glitter eyeshadow in Alabaster is a warm white with a peach undertone. I thought the amount in the pan was pretty generous for being a single eyeshadow, and it runs for $18. I think this is a pretty standard and wearable shade for anytime, anywhere. I knew I had some reasonable dupes for this so I pulled out some of my Urban Decay palettes. Sure enough, it came close to two shades, Bootycall and Midnight Cowboy. 

L-R: Urban Decay Bootycall, MAKE Alabaster, Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy
As a standalone shade, and based on quality alone, I kind of prefer the Alabaster to the other shades! I’ve been reaching for it a lot lately because I like that it has a lot of shimmer, and a little bit of glitter to it, but doesn’t have the horrible fallout I’m always getting from Midnight Cowboy. If I already owned Bootycall or Midnight Cowboy, I’d find this to be an unnecessary purchase though. 
MAKE’s Skin Illuminator is a soft, white, pearlescent glimmer. The shade I have is Skir. I really like this a lot for a pretty sheer illuminator. Unlike Benefit High Beam, which leans a little on the pinky side, this is really a white highlight. I like the way it looks on my light complexion a lot. If you’re looking for something that is a very obvious highlight, this is not. It’s a very natural look. I like that I can click the back of the tube to make product come out the top.
The only problem I can forsee is cleaning the brush tip. I’d want to clean that and it’s attached.
All in all, I’ve been really impressed with what MAKE has to offer so far! I also really dig their website, so if you want some eye candy check them out here. I think they have a really neat website design that they put a lot of thought into and I just love the artistic way they showcase their products.
What’s the coolest product I showed you in this post? I would have to say an unlikely favorite of mine ended up being the Face Gloss!

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