MAC Glow Play blush

My latest beauty obsession is this beautiful, putty-like cream blush that MAC came out with recently. I was visiting a friend in Madison, WI and when we went into the department store nearby, I saw a gorgeous display at the MAC counter. I bought Blush, Please that day. After I tried it and loved it, I went on to buy Cheer Up and Heat Index online.

What I love about these blushes is the texture both in the pan and on the cheeks. Since it’s a cream product that I am dipping into the compact to apply, I always make sure to wash my hands before applying makeup (a good practice to adopt anyway). A small dip into the cushiony blush goes a long way on the cheeks. I’ve noticed I could build these colors forever if I wanted to since they are mostly sheer.

You really couldn’t go wrong with Blush, Please. It’s a neutral light mauve. It is a perfect every day color and I think every skin tone besides super dark would love this for a grab and go shade. I wear this alone or layer it with other shades of powder or cream. I’ve been watercoloring my blush lately to find the perfect hue for me and this is often the base when I decide to play that day.

Cheer Up is a peachy pink. It is a neutral-esque shade with a pinch of color. This is the “it girl” shade. This is what you would wear on the first day of school, or to a job interview. It is versatile enough to pair with a smoky eye or a bright lip without overpowering the rest of the face. Wear it if you want to look magazine beautiful.

Heat Index is a bright holy-shit pink. It’s the first day of summer and you have been playing beach volleyball and have the slightest bit of a sunburn on top of your base tan. You’re driving home with the windows down in your Buick and the radio on. When you get a peek of yourself in the rearview mirror, you’ve got a sprinkling of freckles across your nose and Heat Index on your cheeks. You’re channeling Beyonce, Barbie, and Marilyn Monroe at the same time. Sizzle.

(Swatches on the left are of Heat Index, Cheer Up & Blush Please. Would you believe I LOST Cheer Up? I went back and forth about repurchasing it and decided I must, and while I was at it I grabbed three more.)

Honestly, I’m so glad I grabbed all three of these shades. They’re each perfect in their own right. The Glow Play blush launch is definitely my favorite beauty find in months. Somehow they’re innovative and a throwback to early 2000s makeup for me at the same time. I’ve been going back to finger application makeup a lot recently like I would commonly do in high school. Back then I didn’t own any makeup brushes unless they came with the product purchase. I would use my fingers because it’s what I had available. I would just keep blending over and over until the heat of my fingers smoothed everything and melded it to perfection. Instead of razor sharp liner around my eyes or lips everything was smudgy or smoky due to my lack of skill. I’m enjoying revisiting this style of makeup application lately and the Glow Play blushes are perfectly high school-gorgeous to me. Try them and see what I mean.

Edit: I totally DID go back and order the spring releases. No regrets. I use one or a combination of these blushes daily.

Do you own any of these yet? I’d really like to buy the three new shades that are limited edition spring releases and I’m trying to talk myself down. They’ve been in my online shopping cart three different times now. The only thing that has kept me from the purchase is that the coupons on MAC’s site don’t work with the “new” releases. Alas, they’re still waiting in my shopping cart online. Your guess is as good as mine if I end up grabbing them after all! It’s one of those launches that I’m truly afraid of missing out on though, because I love the original shades I purchased so much! So, we’ll see.

Did you grab any shades of these yet? I’d love to hear what you thought.

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