LUSH for Holiday 2013- Happy Christmas

LUSH has got a ton of holiday offerings this year. One of my favorites is Happy Christmas, which comes pre wrapped in this gorgeous polka dot gift box. For $47.95 I think this is a great way to try some new LUSH products if you aren’t familiar with them, or a great way to stock up on some old favorites!

When the dark days of winter have got you feeling a little gloomy, Happy Christmas’ flamboyant rock star- inspired hat box is sure to lighten the mood. With a glittery top and neon dots, this unconventional box hints at the fun, refreshing treats inside: citrusy soaps, scrubs, moisturizers and massage bars will get skin feeling fresh and beautifully moisturized. A fantastic selection of seasonal and year-round favorites, Happy Christmas is sure to keep showers bright and cheery well into the new year.

Contained within this gift box are five LUSH favorites:

  • Ponche Shower Gel
  • Celebrate Body Lotion
  • Each Peach (And Two’s A Pair) Massage Bar
  • Sandy Santa Body Butter
  • Mr. Punch Soap 

Ponche Shower Gel is inspired by traditional Mexican punch. It doesn’t get much better than that! Around Christmas time I get rather sick of gingerbread, vanilla bean, cranberry, and other “festive” scents. I love this fruity, boozy shower gel! Fresh, fruity buchu oil combines with the spicy aroma of plum and cinnamon infusion. This is the perfect way to wake yourself up in the morning, even though it won’t be hot like Mexico in December if you live where I live! 
Celebrate Body Lotion is a fantastically rich and creamy body lotion, with almond oil, cocoa butter, orange flower, lime, benzoin and cognac oil, and champagne fragrance. This is the same exact scent as the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, if you’re familiar with that. It is lightweight but super moisturizing. I think if I had a giant tub of Celebrate, I wouldn’t need to use anything else for the rest of the winter. It’s THAT good.
Sandy Santa is a body butter in the shape of Santa. The sand and sugar buffs and polishes dull winter skin to reveal a bright, toned complexion. This year Lush brought it back even better than last year, by adding coconut oil, murumuru and Shea butters, so he is even better at leaving skin feeling soft and moisturized. The orange, rose and sandalwood oils tone, soften, and give off an uplifting fragrance. Although it’s a body butter, it’s meant to be used in the shower (hence the buffing and polishing). I haven’t tried this yet, because I’m in the midst of reviewing other shower products, but it looks so cute! I can’t wait to exfoliate with this. 
There are two Mr. Punch soaps in this gift set. Mr. Punch is a mix of fresh lime oil, juniper berries, and a splash of gin and creates a refreshing, fruity perfume. This is just what I need to freshen up in the shower in the winter. 
Lastly, there’s a Each Peach (And Two’s A Pair) Massage Bar. I am admittedly obsessed with these massage bars. Last time I was in a LUSH store in Seattle, I spent an hour trying to decide which massage bar I wanted between their several choices. These contain fruity avocado and mango kernel butters, cocoa butter, and a shea butter base. This is super emollient and moisturizing to the skin and has the scent of peach. I love that rather than giving a large massage bar they went from a smaller size and made it into a smiley face. It’s so cute! I like to keep this by my bed and moisturize my hands and feet before bed. I also love using this to massage my daughter’s feet when she’s teething. I swear it helps calm her down when I massage her with this and make her skin even smoother. She also likes to smell her feet, so there’s that. 

Happy Christmas is such an awesome gift set for the holidays. I think you’ll really enjoy it. Have you picked up anything from LUSH for the holidays? I’d love to hear what your favorite gift set is or your favorite product from them!

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