The Lotus Collection- Ittse + Coffee Break with Dani


Eyeshadow is not something I make the time for every day, but lately I’m having a metallic eyeshadow moment. I bought the Tarteist Pro on the Go several weeks ago after being attracted to the gorgeous metallics in the palette. And since then, I’ve been eyeing metallic foiled shadows. They’re even more intense and magnificent than your average sparkly shadow, and the intense shimmer is calling my name. I recently heard about Coffee Break with Dani’s collaboration with Ittse and I immediately knew I needed these new foiled shadows in my life. They are everything!

“This collection was inspired by a time in my life where I thought everything was falling apart, but it was actually all coming together. I wanted the colors to represent a rebirth, pure happiness, and a joyful celebration. Ever since I can remember, color, sparkles, and duo chrome anything make me so happy. So here you have four colors perfect for a party, a date, or any excuse where you want to shine! The names are also a direct reflection that no matter what happens, you can and will rise above it just like the Lotus flower – Stronger, Wiser, Better, and more Determined than ever! Don’t forget to bloom in the dirt you are thrown in!”

I love the inspiration behind these beautiful colors. We are in the middle of a January thaw right now, where the weather is in the 40s or 50s (pretty warm for winter in Wisconsin) and a lot of our snow has melted. It’s a wonderful departure from subzero temperatures, but it’s also a tease because I feel like spring is upon us, and I know we have at least 2-3 months of cold weather and more snow around the corner. This is the time of year when I am definitely in the mood for a beauty pick me up, and something shimmering and foiled, gorgeous, and brightly colored is exactly what the doctor ordered.

These shadows are magnetic and fit into a palette also sold by Ittse. I have the Anemone (coral) palette and as you can see with just these four shadows, I have plenty of room to collect more (which you’ll want to do once you try these)

If you’re not familiar with foiled shadows, they look beautiful on their own but they really function their best when you incorporate a mixing medium before applying them. A lot of people use some sort of spray, I know Evian sells one and MAC Fix + is another. I also find that applying them straight with my fingers rather than with a brush allows for the most pigmentation. Foiled eyeshadows can be tricky if you’re not sure what you’re messing with. Due to the nature of how they are packed, they look like they have a lot of kickup when you go in with your finger, but this type of shadow works best when patted on with a fingertip on top of a really good primer glue

Left to Right: Determined, Wiser, Better, Stronger

I didn’t have a glitter glue on hand, so I just packed these on with my finger. They go on subtle that way, but I still loved the effect that I got! I used the gold and the pink and I absolutely love the chrome effect and shift that these give. I was surprised that there was very little fallout. These also look gorgeous in low lighting situations. So pretty! 

Next time I wear these I’m going to foil them, although aren’t they pretty just applied straight on with the finger? I’m pretty much obsessed!

Have you seen these around? I love them so much! Coffee Break with Dani did a super job on her collaboration. If I ever collaborate with a brand I hope it’s just as unique and special as this launch. I can’t get enough of these shadows!

What’s your favorite foiled shadow?

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  1. 1.27.17
    MarciaF said:

    These are just stunning. I’m so attracted to these shades and formula. I’ve been using ELF’s Glitter Glue primer with this kind of shadow and it works great.

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