L’Occitane Cherry Blossom

L’Occitane’s spring launch for the Cherry Blossom fragrance recently came out and today I’ll be sharing a few of the items with you. This limited edition scent has really been boosting my spirits and getting me in the mood for warmer weather around the corner! 

l'occitane cherry blossompress sample, affiliate links

It seems like all L’Occitane scents have some sort of inspiration in the Provence. The cherry tree is part of the Provençal landscape, being widespread in the Apt region of Luberon. It’s pure white in spring, bright red in summer, soft green in autumn. Of course in the beginning spring, the cherry blossoms bloom, creating the inspiration for this fragrance.

When I am thinking about wearing this scent, a good place to begin is in the shower with the Bath & Shower Gel. It’s a lightweight gel formula that carries the scent of Cherry Blossoms and is a perfect way to layer the fragrance!  

l'occitane cherry blossom shower gel

When I am wearing a fragrance, I love to touch it up during the day with a little bit of scented hand lotion. I am making my hands softer and subtly boosting my scent a little bit at the same time as it naturally fades throughout the day. I use a ton of hand lotion, and L’Occitane is one of my favorite formulas. This Cherry Blossom Hand Cream lives in my purse lately as I am obsessed with the Cherry Blossom scent!

l'occitane cherry hand creamOf course the easiest and fastest way to enjoy a fragrance is by using the perfume itself. I have been spritzing 2-3 sprays of this on my neck and my wrists and it’s just enough to give me the scent for about 6 hours before needing a touchup. Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette is floral and feminine, and really does capture the essence of the early days of spring. When everything blossoms all at once the air feels fresh and fragrant with all the new blooms. This scent has the sweet and juicy top notes of cherry and freesia, and the warm base notes of wood, amber, and musk, while cherry blossom and lily of the valley sit in the middle. The gorgeous bottle is etched with cherry blossoms and is so beautiful! 

l'occitane cherry blossom perfumeNow, onto my favorite way to touch up this fragrance on the go. I love to I pack fragrance minis when I am on the go, but this little Fragrance Touch is so handy. It reminds me of the roller ball but instead of rolling fragrance out of a glass tube, this is a squeezy tube kind of like a lipgloss, and you squeeze the light gel consistency of the fragrance out onto your wrists or neck. It absorbs almost immediately.

l'occitane cherry blossom l'eau 2Don’t let the tube fool you, you don’t want to apply this to your lips! I love this fragrance, although from the squeezy tube it smells strongly like alcohol for the first few moments. It dries down to the fresh Cherry Blossom scent in a hurry though! 

l'occitane cherry blossom l'eauI have really been enjoying this fragrance! I officially swapped out my Arlésienne for the Cherry Blossom a couple weeks ago, and now I’m excited to see what they have up their sleeve for the summer months. I still love my Jenipapo and some of the others from last summer! 

l'occitane cherry blossom collectionWill you be picking anything up? Let me know what your favorite L’Occitane scent is if you have tried them! 

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  1. 4.2.15

    Oh darn, I forgot to look for these at Sephora today! I wanted to take a sniff.

  2. 4.2.15
    Amber said:

    I need to try this scent. It sounds like a perfect Spring addition to my scent wardrobe! The pics came out lovely too. 🙂

    • 4.2.15
      justina said:

      Thank you, you are too sweet!

  3. 4.2.15
    Erika said:

    I love cherry blossom. This sounds like a lovely version.

  4. 4.2.15
    Phyrra said:

    Sounds like a gorgeous scent

  5. 4.2.15
    Anastasia said:

    Jenipapo was a fun one indeed!

  6. 4.2.15

    Beautiful pics! I really love L’Occitane hand creams!

  7. 4.2.15

    I have to admit that it irks me when companies make the packaging for something look like something else – like the perfume that looks like lip gloss! I love cherry blossoms, though, and was lucky enough to experience the blossoms in Washington DC as a kid. It’s something else!

  8. 4.3.15

    I tend to shy away from cherry scents, but since L’Occitane does everything right, I may try it.

  9. 4.3.15

    L’Occitane does no wrong, I love all their scents

  10. 4.3.15
    Renu said:

    I love cherry blossom, and this is such a pretty bottle!

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