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I was Christmas shopping a couple Saturdays ago and got the chance to go into the L’Occitane store. I LOVE this store and it’s a rare treat that I can go but I feel so very lucky that our mall has one. I’m normally with my two year old every day but it was just me and the baby this time so I didn’t have a little one trying to grab everything off the counter tops. Of course when I am not having mini heart attacks about my child destroying things, I feel more confident going in my favorite shops. I had so much fun browsing around and got to check out everything from the Arlésienne collection and other holiday stuff! This is such a fun launch though so I’ll show you what I have down below!

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Daring and gracious, the woman of Arles encompasses the beauty of Provence. Elusive and attractive, she leaves a fragrant trail bursting with color and life, that lingers wherever she goes. L’Occitane celebrates the beauty and refinement of this iconic woman with Arlésienne, our newest fragrance collection; a subtle bouquet of rose for her grace, sweet violet for her mystery and saffron for her temperament. Rose from Grasse, sweet violet and saffron from Provence come together in a floral fusion that reveals unexpected nuances. The Arlésienne fragrance evokes the woman of Arles- full of mystery, beauty and grace.

l'occitane arlesienne 2L’Occitane always kills it with their collections and this one is no different. There have been a couple rose collections this year. This one is less powdery than the Roses et Reines. With the rose, sweet violet, and saffron, it smells soft, cozy, and warm. It’s not a fresh scent, but definitely one that reminds me of the winter months. It’s sweeter, almost like a candied rose. It’s a perfect holiday fragrance and I’ve been getting a ton of mileage out of it.

The Arlésienne Eau de Toilette has the most chic gold cap and clear bottle with ornate features on it. I’ve been wearing it nearly daily. It tends to last about 4-5 hours on me which is perfect because I like to switch out my fragrances during the day.

l'occitane arlesienne 3

The Body Oil can be used in the hair or on the body and is strongly scented with the Arlésienne fragrance. It’s a light oil and I really like using it after a shower when I know I’ll be wearing the scent. I haven’t tried it in my hair yet but I like the way it intensifies the perfume and gets the scent to linger longer.

The Shower Cream is so gorgeous to look at because there are tiny microswirls of shimmer in it. It doesn’t necessarily transfer to the skin or if it does it’s really subtle. It’s scented nicely with the Arlésienne fragrance, but not so much that it lingers on forever. The scent of the shower cream on its own is not going to be enough to carry the fragrance on by itself, but it works great for layering. It doesn’t lather much on me- it kind of turns into a foam but it’s a really nice experience in the shower to have it blossom with this warm, rosy scent. l'occitane arlesienne 4The Arlésienne Velvet Hand Cream is such a nice addition to the line. At only $12 it makes the perfect gift or a great way to try the scent yourself without committing to a huge perfume bottle. It is nicely fragranced with the scent, and has the same feel as the other hand creams from L’Occitane. It moisturizes, makes my hands velvety soft and smooth, and comes in the perfect size for keeping in my purse or pocket.

The Solid perfume is awesome for touchups of the scent during the day and for travel. I wish the lid screwed on because I am afraid it will come open in my bag but other than that, it’s perfect. I like to scoop a little piece out and put it on my neck and wrists throughout the day, and it’s a bit waxy so perfect for making my bangs a little more piecey. I don’t always like to travel with a ton of hair products, so I just use a little bit of this and it works really well! 

l'occitane arlesienne 6Lastly, the Arlésienne Gorgeous Lips is yet another fun way to experience the scent. It’s a squeezy lip gloss fragranced with the scent, and it has a hint of irridescent shimmer. It makes my lips glossy and glowy and can be used by itself or layered over a lipstick. I love that it carries the scent a little bit but doesn’t taste icky, and makes my lips look shiny! A perfect way to experience Arlésienne, and I love carrying it with me in my pocket!

l'occitane arlesienne 7There are so many fun ways to experience Arlésienne. Have you tried it? What’s your favorite holiday fragrance? 

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  1. 12.12.14

    I love L’Occitane and this all sounds wonderful!

  2. 12.12.14

    Although floral scents don’t seem to suit my body chemistry, I generally love L’Occitane’s fragrances. I was surprised that their pine/rosemary shower gel became my favorite for quite a long time.

  3. 12.12.14

    I love L’Occitane, and want this collectiont!!!

  4. 12.12.14
    Jessica said:

    I just need to give this link to my husband, and say “Yes please?” LOL!

  5. 12.12.14
    Destany said:

    This looks like a really nice collection – I’d like to try the lip stuff!

  6. 12.12.14
    Betzy Carmona said:

    It looks so nice

  7. 12.13.14
    Bailey said:

    Sound like a really nice scent- I love that it has violet in the mix!

  8. 12.13.14

    This collection sounds wonderful!

  9. 12.13.14

    I haven’t tried this! Sounds wonderful!

  10. 12.13.14

    These sound really nice. 🙂 I wish they would still ship to Hawaii like before.

  11. 12.14.14
    Jessica said:

    I really want to smell this now! I’m like ugh i wish i could smell it

  12. 12.15.14
    Jamie said:

    Such beautiful packaging! And the hand cream especially sounds divine!

  13. 12.26.14
    Krystal E said:

    I love all the options they have!

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