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I have been wanting to try more Jouer lately after I recently tried out and LOVED their foundation. I have a ton of makeup and didn’t really even know where to start in picking out something new and don’t particularly NEED anything. So when I heard about their new subscription service, “Le Matchbox,” I decided to give it a try. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a limited edition box personalized to include a selection of full-size Jouer products- a $125 or greater value- in shades that match and flatter based upon the quiz you take. You can make a one time purchase for $65 or a subscription price of $45. The boxes come quarterly and contain full-size, award-winning beauty products by Jouer.

As soon as I learned it would be full size, $45 if I made the commitment, and only four times a year, I was like “where do I sign?” The only subscription boxes I’ve tried thus far have been in the $10-15 range and I typically end up disappointed most of the time, and the times I am happy it’s usually because I got a full sized product from a brand I’ve always wanted to try. The boxes in the $20-50 range are often monthly and I don’t need that kind of commitment. And I certainly don’t need that many random samples of things floating around. So considering I have been wanting to try Jouer, and it was going to be full size, I was pretty pumped.

My first box arrived this Saturday and I am loving everything! It is literally the perfect box to dip my toes in the water of Jouer’s brand and discover what I may want to order at some point. For $45, I was completely blown out of the water. I opened the box to four beautiful full size pretties smiling up at me and some gold tinsel. So exciting! 

jouer le matchbox subscriptionMy first foray into Jouer’s skincare line is with the Daily Repair Treatment Oil. I got the full size, 1 fl. oz. size that retails at $48. BOOM. The box already paid for itself with one product! 

An advanced, complexion oil that quenches and rejuvenates the skin, providing optimal hydration benefits. The result is skin appears smoother, firmer and more resilient. It has the benefits of a retinol without the harsh side effects, thanks to Revinage and a combination of nutrient and antioxidant rich oils. Can be used twice daily in the place of, or in addition to, your favorite facial moisturizer. 

I tried a full dropper full and it was a LOT and way more than I needed for my face and neck combined. I loved it and upon the first try really thought it added hydration to my skin, which is something I’m always looking for. I can’t attest to the long term benefits, but the quality of this seems right on par with my favorite oils from L’Occitane. It was also great to see something that targeted dryness, as that was something that came up in the quiz. It looks like the alternate product that you could get was the Daily Clarifying Treatment Oil (probably the oily skin option). 

jouer matchbox daily repair treatment oil 2JOUER le matchbox daily repair treatment oilAn unexpected surprise was a travel eyelash curler. It’s plastic and folds up and into itself and you open and extend it to use it. It also comes with an additional pad for when the one in there wears down. I thought it worked really well at curling my lashes and the plastic is easier than metal to clean. I’ve never seen a beauty tool given out in a subscription box, so I was pretty impressed by this.

jouer le matchbox travel eyelash curlerjouer le matchbox travel eyelash curler 2Jouer recently came out with a perfume oil. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have a name beyond “Perfume Oil.” I got the teensy tiniest little amount of a sample in a rollerball. 

This beautiful blend of Gardenia, Jasmine and Honeysuckle combined with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, offers a soft, classic scent. It’s a gorgeous fragrance that envelopes you in a clean, floral scent and comes in a conveniently portable roll-on vial.  Full size $42, .24 fl. oz.

I typically don’t go for something SO overwhelmingly floral and I didn’t expect to like this, especially since it’s so heavy on the gardenia. But I absolute adore this fragrance. There is something super fancy shmancy about this that really speaks to me. I am sure I will use up the whole rollerball mini, and I may actually get the full size. I love that the full size is only a quarter oz. rollerball because that’s plenty for someone who has a lot of perfumes already.

There is something about the fact that this is an oil that is really special. It lingers on my skin longer than what I would expect, and feels really special. My skin even felt soft when I was rubbing my wrists together. I haven’t tried a fragrance like this before! 

jouer le matchbox perfume oilI have tried lots of eyeshadow crayons before, and now I have tried Jouer’s Créme Eyeshadow Crayon in Abstract. I found it to be pretty typical of my experience with eyeshadow crayons. I didn’t realize until after I used it that there is a sharpener in the bottom so you can get a pointier tip if you are wanting to use it as an eyeliner.

Long-wearing and portable, this luxurious Créme Eyeshadow blends seamlessly for high-impact eyes. Available in ultra-wearable shades with a rich shimmering finish. This formula contains pearl pigments for high shine and marine botanicals to help preserve the suppleness and elasticity of eyelid skin.

At first glance it didn’t look like anything special, but as I was swatching this (picture further down on page) I noticed that it had a slightly pearly finish with slight silver shimmer. It’s super pretty! I was mesmerized and kept coloring it on my skin because it was so pretty. I haven’t washed it off my face yet today, but I tried washing it off my arm and had a hard time getting it off, so it must be somewhat water resistant and definitely long wearing. When applied to my lids, I found it easy to blend out with a brush, and it set after about a minute, so I had a little time to work! This product is full size and retails at $24.

jouer le matchbox creme eyeshadow crayon in abstractThe last few items I got are in the picture below. I got a Mineral Powder Blush in Peony which I am very happy about. I have actually always wanted to try a blush that was a sheer cool pink like this one, and was lusting after Bobbi Brown’s similar version a while ago, so this was a great surprise. It looks like others got Peach Bouquet, which I also would have been happy with. 

Lightweight minerals that instantly refresh the complexion with a gorgeous veil of color. Coverage is soft, natural and buildable. Not only is this blush well-pigmented, it also contains Vitamins A & E along with Japanese Green Tea Powder for extra antioxidant protection. Full size, $26. 

I got the full size of this and I love it. You can see right next to it, I also got the Jouer Flat Kabuki Brush. This brush alone retails at $14 and is specially designed for picking up the right amount of product in a blush, bronzer, or luminizing powder. Considering how pigmented the blush was, I was surprised that it really did pick up just the right amount. It’s a slightly stiff brush so there is a bit of powder pickup, and I found the brush perfect for precise blush placement.

jouer le matchbox blush peonyLastly, I got the Hydrating Lipstick in Whitney. It looks like others got a Moisturizing Lip Gloss.  I loved the color upon looking at it! Very fresh and springy and a perfect match with the blush.

Enduring beautiful coverage meets a sensationally smooth, and soft finish. Brazilian Capuacu Butter protects and nourishes lips to create a perfect balance of beauty and treatment. Contains sweet almond oil and aloe vera, in addition to Vitamins A & E to soothe, protect and hydrate lips. Full size, $24. 

Another full size item! I love the color and how it applied I can tell there are oils in it because it went on somewhat slick and moisturizing. A cup of coffee and some munchies later and it has faded a bit but left behind a nice stain. I definitely enjoy this formula and could see myself getting more down the line! 

jouer le matchbox hydrating lipstick whitneyjouer le matchbox swatchesL-R: Peony, Whitney, Abstract le matchbox jouer makeupIn this picture, I am wearing the Daily Repair Treatment Oil, Matte Moisture Tint in Porcelain (not in box), Mineral Powder Blush in Peony, Hydrating Lipstick in Whitney, my brows are filled in with Brow Zings in Medium (not in box), eyelashes curled with the Jouer travel curler, and on my eyelids are MUFE #16 (not in box), the Eyeshadow Crayon in Abstract in my crease and on the lower lash line, and Roller Lash (not in box). 

I would say this first box was a major success. I loved dabbling in Jouer! I can’t wait until the next quarterly box. I am glad I subscribed and have loved everything in the box! I was especially glad they went along with my cool skin tone and dry skin requests as well as giving me fun colors that I totally would’ve picked for myself for spring. I hope the next box has some neutral eyeshadows and an illuminator, maybe a mascara! 

Value of the box: 

Blush: $26, Brush: $14, Lipstick $24, Eyeshadow crayon: $24, Treatment Oil: $48, value of perfume oil and eyelash curler unknown. Total value= $136+

I’m so glad some of my favorite brands are coming out subscription boxes. L’Occitane came out with L’Occibox, Jouer with Le Matchbox…who next? I would love to see Clinique or Lancome come out with a quarterly box. Who would you love to see come out with a subscription box? 

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  1. 5.6.15
    Amber said:

    I got the exact same contents! I’m loving this new subscription box. It’s a refreshing change! 🙂

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