Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas, Part 2

If you celebrate Christmas, festivities are about a week away! I have a few more ideas for you if you are the last minute type. I did another last minute post that you can view here. These are a few of my favorite things and I think anyone would be thrilled to have these items placed in their stocking this season!

Tocca Candele Da Viaggio Luxe Holiday Candle Set would make an absolutely beautiful gift for anyone on your list. These candles are gorgeous and set in a gold trimmed votive jar. They look amazing on their own or you can put them inside of a decorative candle holder. The fragrances these come in are to die for: Venice (inspired by the warmth and beauty of Venice); Chamonix (rosemary and pine); and Marrakesh (sweet tabak and vanilla). Not only are the candles gorgeous, but they are travel sized and all three are tucked into a beautiful green box with gold embellishments. I don’t normally burn candles because I have a young child, but I have displayed one of these candles on my mantle, and gifted the other two in the set. It is such a treat to burn these, and they make such a luxurious gift!

A simple and inexpensive gift is a beautiful picture frame with a picture of you, your child, or your family inside. I’ve also framed cards before. I buy frames at TJ Maxx or Hobby Lobby for $7-10 each. Our family photographer is Nicolette Jean Photography (feel free to check her out on Instagram for inspiration!) and she took our Christmas photo on Thanksgiving this year. If you are getting family photos taken anyway, why not use them as a gift for people you know? I’ve been using Shutterfly for prints, and I’ve been pretty pleased with the quality. Check out their Facebook page for coupon codes. A boutique in my town also carries the cutest greeting cards with inspirational sayings that I’ve been purchasing and having matted and framed. That sounds like an expensive endeavor, but the cards are a wonky size and they don’t fit in frames. A custom cut matte in a color of my choice is only $3 so it’s well worth the money!

Soap and Glory has an incredible gift set out this year called Good, Butter, Best. It’s really inexpensive, and if you read my review I think you’ll agree it’s a great value for what you get. You could split up the three body butters, or gift them all to the same lucky person. I had two of these sets and my mom has already laid claim to one of them! Soap and Glory had her at first sniff!

Skin & Co. Roma’s Truffle Jet Setter travel set is such a great treat for anyone on your list for so many reasons! First, the products inside are outstanding. This set contains the Sicilian and Truffle Collection body gels and body lotion/body milk. All are 2 oz size, which is great for travel, and I love that they thought to include two of each. I often have only enough for a few days of my travel before I run out! These are rich and delicious scents, much like the names would indicate. The second thing I love is the bag that these products come in. It’s a black PU leather bag and is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect size for me when I travel. The little freebie makeup bags I get at the makeup counter during GWP purchase time are never large enough for me even on an overnight trip. I could easily fit my skincare, makeup, and hair products in this bag. It’s perfect in every way! 

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanillé Honey Bath is the perfect gift for someone you want to pamper. I so rarely have time for more than a 5 minute shower, much less a bath, that I would be so grateful to get this as a gift. There is SO MUCH product in this tub, it will most likely last forever. The amber vanilla smell is so divine and it comes with a wooden stick that looks (to me) kind of like a honeycomb, so you don’t have to dip your hand in the jar. Imagine what a great gift this would make when paired with some slippers or a bath robe! Even by itself, this is a great gift that any lady of leisure would love.

If you’re anything like me, you might get a little post-holiday depression and need something to put a little pep in your step. There’s nothing that brings me down quite like the realization that the day after Christmas, there are 364 days before I’m going to get to celebrate and eat like that again! I always drink a little too much wine on Christmas, so usually come December 26th, I’m feeling bloated and nursing a hangover on top of being a little sad that all the celebrations are over with. 21 Drops Quick Fix Gift Set Fragrance is the perfect pick me up for you or someone else on your list. There are so many things I love about these essential oils, from the rubber grips that are so nice to tinker with, to how great these work. The Quick Fix Gift set includes Headache, Sleep, Passion, and Focus, and what I have here are a few different ones, but the Quick Fix set has a lot of good ones too! I love that these are 100% natural, sourced from wild-crafted or organically grown herbs and plants from all over the globe, and use an organic jojoba carrier oil as their base. I’ve been known to tote these around in my purse and I love to apply Concentration when I’m trying to write a blog post, and Calm when I’m stuck in traffic!


Two other ideas that would make amazing gift ideas are the Buxom Serial Kisser  5 Mini Full-bodied Lipsticks set which is limited edition and on SALE at Sephora right now and the Josie Maran High Gloss Lip Quench set for QVC! I wasn’t going to get the Buxom set but this is my absolute favorite lipstick formula and I knew I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t buy these while they were in a gift set and marked down My dear friend Jessica swatched these on Instagram if you want to take a peek…my set hasn’t made it out of the bag yet! The Josie Maran High Glosses are an absolute steal, as you’re getting 5 in a set- Pink Honey, Maple Syrup, Strawberry Nectar, and then two of the clear. I wear the clear formula to bed every single night and I have been swearing by it for about a year!

And with that, my holiday posts are concluded. I hope you have all of your shopping finished. Happy holidays!

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