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I’ve always been really into makeup, but Lancome was my gateway drug to a full on makeup obsession. Five or so years ago I sat down for a makeover at the Lancome counter, and it basically changed the way I looked at makeup. Most of the products they used on me I still use weekly. Pretty amazing stuff huh? I have been obsessed with their Dual Finish Powder, Color Design eyeshadows, Artliner, and pretty much all the foundations since and haven’t looked back.

lancome eyeshadow singlespress samples, bought myself, affiliate links

I get really riled up about Lancome during the holidays because they always have these sick deals where you can get some really great makeup and it doesn’t cost that much. Before I had kids and it was just fine to spend 30 minutes just on my face every morning, I loved to wear a ton of eyeshadow. I have kind of switched to lips in recent years because it’s easier for me to swipe on a lippie quickly and look put together, but for a while there I had a full on obsession with Lancome eyeshadows.

I know most of you probably see all of those single eyeshadows above and all you can think of are dollar signs, but each of those was a perfectly hand selected find that I would pick out once a payday. I would hem and haw over each color and pick out the one I would buy this paycheck, and the one I would buy next paycheck. It was a fun little game for me and although I don’t reach for these as frequently now, I still love them! I could never destash my Lancome shadows because they’re too pretty, and the formula is so great that I bought, well, a lot of them. 

all over face palette
This is the All Over Face palette, which is one of the Holiday 2014 offerings from Lancome. There are nine new eyeshadow shades, plus two contouring essentials in this lovely palette! The nine new Color Design Shades are Blizzard, Starlight, Onyx Eve, Warm Cocoa, Fox, Smolder, Cashmere, Fawn and Mink Me. The Blush Subtil shade is Everything Nice, and the Star Bronzer shade is Cinnamon and Spice. You can pick this up for $55 and it’s worth $139. While I haven’t grabbed it, I’m going to show you some of my other much loved Color Design eyeshadows! I’m not going to show you them all, but I will swatch some of my favorites. They are the same lovely formula found in the All Over Face palette

lancome off the rackOff the Rack is one of the only shadows I have ever hit pan on in my entire life! It’s a super easy shade to wear. I think I wore it on my lids for a few months in a row when I first bought it. It’s kind of an irridescent, sheer but buildable nude pink and it’s so pretty on! I love it paired with liquid liner. I think this was my first Lancome shadow.

off the rack swatchA Touch of Coral and Kitten Heel are both in the same coral color family but the finish is very different. I have big dips taken out of of these from using them so frequently! A Touch of Coral is more of a luminous satin sheen and Kitten Heel has a lot more dimension to it. Hold it one way it looks coral, another way it looks gold. Kitten heel is in Lancome’s freebie palettes pretty often.

a touch of coral, kitten heelThey really are pretty similar! 

a touch of coral, kitten heel swatchesOnce I got these out to play, I totally wasn’t intending on swatching a bunch of them, but I can’t resist swatching the purples. Purple has been my lifelong favorite color. I pretty much gravitate to everything purple. I have eight purpley shades!

purple eyeshadows lancomeMiss Sweetheart is pretty shocking and bright. Camisole comes off as being rather dry and patchy to me now, although I don’t remember it being that way. It’s been a while since I’ve worn this so I don’t recall. Sultry Violet is super pretty for smokey eyes.

miss sweetheart, sultry violet, camisoleColor du Jour is another one of those multi dimensional shades just like Kitten Heel- hold it one way it’s kind of a maroony dark purple, another way it sheens gold. You’ve Got the Look is my only Lancome shadow that I don’t totally love. It has a lot of dusty fallout, applies patchy, makes my lids look crepey, and is generally disappointing, although I love it in the pan. One of these days I should get it out to play and figure out how I can make it work on me. Zip me Up is kind of a gunmetal purple.

you've got the look, color du jour, zip me upTrendy and Drama are my last two purples. Trendy is bright like Miss Sweetheart, but not as shocking, this one is darker. And drama is a bright purple that sheens a light blue shade. So pretty! Love purple shadow.

trendy, dramaSince it’s the holidays, I also can’t resist showing you All that Brightens and All that Glitters. 

all that glitters, all that brightensAll that Brightens is super fun to put just on the center of my eyelid above my pupil to brighten up my eyes. It’s SO pretty. I love All That Glitters but I haven’t perfected wearing it without getting a ton of fallout. 

all that glitters, all that brightensOk that got out of hand, so I’m not going to swatch anymore, but I did pull a few of my all time favorites from my collection to throw back into rotation. Sultry Violet, Smoldering Cocoa, Designer, Pose, A Touch of Coral, and The Fab Life. I just dyed my hair dark a few weeks ago and I think these will all look really pretty with my  new hue!

color design shadows, lancomeI highly recommend any of Lancome’s Color Design eyeshadows and of course their holiday palette is one that I will be investigating further. 

irrisistable lipslancome holiday
Lancome’s Essential Brush Set for the holidays is only $70 and you get five fantastic brushes. I always love Lancome’s brushes and have acquired several over the years in their holiday train cases. They always end up being my favorites! This is a great deal.

Other offerings Lancome has for the holidays include the Irresistable Lips set, featuring three Lip Lover glosses in Framboise Etoile, Lip Lover, and Rose Attrape-Coeur. It’s only $38 and exclusive to Sephora. 

lancome lip gloss in loveIf you’re unsure if you need another gloss, you should really give Lancome’s Lip Lover glosses a whirl. Everything from the packaging down to the product itself is special. You push in the button on the front, and that opens the tube. The doe foot applicator is hollow inside and the lip gloss pools inside the sponge to ensure just the right amount. It’s pigmented gloss, it softens the lips, and it’s super glossy. It also smells like roses. I am truly a lover of the Lip Lover.  Lastly, I have to mention the Holiday Beauty Boxes. This is a splurge I normally buy every Christmas for myself. You get a TON of products in a black train case for $59.50 with any other purchase from Lancome. They always have a warm and a cool set. This year the value is $304!

Party Plum- Cool

party plum cool

Hypnose Mascara in Black
Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover 4.2 OZ
Le Crayon Khôl EyeLiner in Black Ebony
Two Color Design Lipstick in Curtain Call and Love it
Three Color Design Eye Shadows in All that Brightens, Successorize and Du Jour
Juicy Tube Lip Gloss in Magic Spell 0.35 OZ
Cils Booster XL
Blush Subtil in Plum Affaire
Advanced Génifique 0.27oz
Brush #24 Dual-End Liner & Smudger
Lancôme Signature Train Case 10.25”L X 10.25”W X 5”H


Chic Neutrals- Warm

chic neutrals warm

Définicils Mascara in Black
Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover 4.2 OZ
Le Crayon Khôl EyeLiner in Black Coffee
Two Color Design Lipstick in Natural Beauty and Sugared Maple
Three Color Design Eye Shadows in Mannequin, Kitten Heel and Vintage
Juicy Tube Lip Gloss in Simmer 0.35 OZ
Cils Booster XL
Blush Subtil in Blushing Tresor
Advanced Génifique 0.27oz
Brush #24 Dual-End Liner & Smudger
Lancôme Signature Train Case 10.25”L X 10.25”W X 5”H

Do any of Lancome’s holiday offerings appeal to you this year? I would love to hear your favorite! 



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  1. 12.19.14
    Jessica said:

    That palette is so gorgeous! I love all the shadows you’ve shown as well!

  2. 12.20.14
    Bailey said:

    So many great shadows! Love the look of Colour du Jour!

  3. 12.20.14

    Those shadows are so gorgeous!

  4. 12.20.14
    Betzy Carmona said:

    You have so many of the shadows ! They look amazing 😀

  5. 12.20.14

    Such a lovely collection!

  6. 12.21.14
    Shipra said:

    I.want.everything. So gorgeous!! <3

  7. 12.21.14
    Phyrra said:

    I love the eyeshadows!

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