Kosas Face Oil Tinted Foundation Review

I love being a beauty product junkie. It means I have tried no less than eleventy billion things, and I feel confident I am always recommending the best of the best. One thing I love to try? Foundation. I wear it every time I wear makeup and I’m always looking for something new- different textures, coverages, brands, etc. I love a good skincare makeup, meaning instead of just containing pigment and being meant for artistry, it will improve my skin with excellent ingredients while I wear it. I love the brand Kosas, so months ago when they came out with their Face Oil Tinted Foundation, I grabbed it up right away. I’ve been seeing this gain cult status ever since, so today I thought I’d leave my two cents.

My ideal foundation is easy to apply and blend, makes my dry skin look and feel good, doesn’t break me out, is long lasting, and makes people think I’m not wearing anything but have beautiful skin. I don’t ask for much, right?!

What it is: 

A featherweight, light-coverage foundation and hydrating skin elixir in 10 shades that can be worn across 30 skin tones.

This foundation is touted as a natural finish, liquid formula perfect for all skin types. It contains a variety of oils: jojoba seed, avocado, and red raspberry seed oils.

How I apply:

This is such a convenient to use beauty product. It comes in a plastic squeeze bottle, and you’ll need to give it a good shake before applying. You can apply with your fingers or a sponge, making it perfect for travel. I don’t have many foundations that look great when applied by hand, so this is a huge perk for me. I often don’t apply my moisturizer when I wear this, because it has oils in it, and I don’t find myself needing it. Because it’s so easy to use and apply, and wears so well, it’s the perfect foundation for low maintenance babes!

Kosas Tinted Facial Oil in Tone 2
Kosas Tinted Facial Oil in Tone 2 – fair with neutral undertones

What it does:

Once it’s on my skin, I can’t get over how natural and skin-like it looks. It feels like velvet, doesn’t settle, makes my 32-year old skin look dewy and fresh, and adds a wash of color and coverage to my face with very little effort. I don’t even need to set it! It’s light coverage and allows my skin to feel hydrated and look young, PLUS I’m skipping a skincare step when I use this.

Final thoughts:

Why would you need anything else?! This is the perfect foundation. I wear it often and I think it’s going to be continue its holy grail status into the summer, when I’m even more interested in something hydrating, lightweight, and low maintenance.

It doesn’t have SPF, but I can use a spray on SPF for that step, so I’ll excuse it. I have been wearing this a ton in the last several months, when I’m not wearing my favorite full coverage foundation.

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What do you think? Will be giving this a try? What’s your favorite foundation?

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  1. 4.28.19
    MarciaF said:

    You’ve convinced me. I think this is what I’m searching for. I love that I can get it on sale right now at Sephora.

    • 4.28.19
      justina said:

      You’re going to love it!! Please report back. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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