Keeping Dishes Spot Free with Finish Dishwasher Detergent

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So…we just bought a house. Two Fridays ago we met the house people in this little office and signed our life away for 30 years on paper. No more apartment living, and hello home ownership. I am loving owning my own home, but with that comes the nickeling and diming ourselves to death. I can’t even count how many times I’ve been to Walmart in the past week. Along with needing to purchase some major appliances, I also had a whole slew of cleaning supplies I needed to pick up. Between deep cleaning our last apartment ever so we could turn the keys over to cleaning and painting our new home from top to bottom, you can imagine the cleaning supply haul that took place. On one of my many trips to Walmart, I stocked up on dishwasher detergent.

sparkly savingsWalmart must know that my savings account is dwindling with all of my new purchases, so thankfully they have their price Rollback going until October that can be paired with a coupon for even better savings! 

I am all about a good deal, so I snapped up the Finish All-in-One Powerball Tabs. I was attracted to these because of the mega awesome value, and because, hello, they’re tabs! So easy to use. I have previously used dishwasher detergent that came in little pouches, and every time I reach my hand in the bin to grab one, I swear one had exploded, and I came out with a hand full of dishwashing goo. These are so easy because they are pre wrapped and hard. No goo to be seen. 

Also, it’s worth mentioning that these tabs give an amazing clean and Jet-Dry shine, so I don’t have to rewash my dishes! I absolutely hate doing dishes and in our last kitchen in the apartment, we had a tiny, cramped little kitchen. When the dishwasher was open, it was within inches of hitting the stove. My big pregnant belly was constantly knocking into things, and it was basically a kitchen nightmare. Our dishwasher didn’t function well and no matter what I used I would usually have to run my dishwasher twice to get the load clean. It makes me wonder if I had discovered Finish while I was living there if I would have had better success! 

finish dishwasher detergentI have some plastic glasses that I just unpacked from our apartment that are kind of scratched up so they are not the fanciest looking, but they had TERRIBLE water spots on them. They are icky to even look at, much less drink out of, but I thought I would put one through a cycle with the Finish Powerball tabs to see if I could get one sparkling clean and show you the difference. I was surprised that it really eliminated the spots and the film left on the glass. Nothing can change the fact that I just plain need to buy new dishes, but in the meantime, I am feeling a lot better about what I have!  

no spotsI love that these come in different scents and there are so many different choices. Also, Kudos to Walmart for having them all on a huge display out in the open. I hate searching high and low when I am looking for something specific, and it made me happy that I could find these immediately! sparklysavings at walmartWith my kitchen unpacked, my dishwasher going, and the rest of the house getting unpacked more and more every day, I just need to put up our childproof safety locks on all of the drawers! I wouldn’t want my little helper to get into these.

What do you use to clean your dishes?  


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