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What is the Lifestyle Blogging Network?

We are a group of bloggers who blog about lifestyle topics. This would encompass food, family, mom/baby, pets beauty, crafts, DIY, and pretty much anything you can think of. We are creating a group where we can share information with one another relating to blogging, organizing group giveaways, and more.

What is the group going to be like?

Currently we have two groups. One is a private group where only bloggers who have been accepted into the Lifestyle Blogging Network can join. It’s not for self promotion, it’s just for asking questions, organizing group events, and chatting with other bloggers.

The other group we will be inviting anyone and everyone to “like” on Facebook. Click here for the link.This is a place for self promotion. Post your latest blog post, your latest pin, or a shout out to your blog and what you’re up to. We will be organizing a promotional thread weekly.

How will being in this group help me grow my blog?

The bloggers who have started this group started it because of our great experiences in a similar beauty blogging network. We have all seen the benefits of joining forces with bloggers in a similar niche. The future of this network will include private groups for sharing one another’s pins, stumbling blog posts, and every other kind of blog sharing you can think about. The benefits to your blog of being in this group are so great!

Since participating in sharing groups, I’ve personally had a much greater reach with my blog. With my pins being shared multiple times a day, I’ve had the benefit of more followers on social media, and more hits to my site. I’ve had more companies contact me who have noticed me in the blogosphere, and my bounce rate is much lower. By having others stumble my posts, I’ve had thousands more hits per month than I ever had before.

What have we done so far?

So far, we have created a weekly linkup to help promote each other’s blogs. The topic is “Foodie Friday” which is posted every Friday on the blogs of those who participate that week. We have a themed recipe (dips, healthy meals, vegetarian dishes, etc) and everyone submits their favorite dish that falls in the theme. We’ve had a few very successful weeks and our participation has been growing every time!

The key to success in our Foodie Friday group is creating a pinnable image for the recipe, as well as promoting everyone’s recipes across social media on a weekly basis. When you are accepted into the Lifestyle Blogging Network, you will be given the option to join this group as well! This will just be one of our many collaborations to come!

Who are we affiliated with?

We are not affiliated with any brands! If you are a company who would like to work with the group, please reach out to us via a message through our Facebook page or you can email one of our three admins- contact info is found on each of our blogs.

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What are the requirements?

1. You must have been blogging for at least 6 months.

2. You must keep your blog active (post at least once a week).

3. You must post original content on your blog. Sharing press releases and reposts of others’ content from time to time is fine, but the bulk of your site must be your own original content.

Interested in joining the Lifestyle Blogging Network? We’d love to have you apply! If you’re not a blogger, and want to join our Facebook page so you can be the first to be notified of our posts, giveaways, and other happenings, please “like” us.

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