Jaclyn Roxanne Jewelry Review

Popping in for a real quick first impression review on a new jewelry line I’m loving! Jaclyn Hill, the YouTube makeup guru, just launched a line of fashion jewelry called Jaclyn Roxanne. I loved that there were choices for both white-look and yellow gold-look jewelry, and that they look like fine jewelry. I’m all about bougie on a budget.

After taking a peek at her website, I decided to get a couple pieces that looked really unique to her line. The Solitaire Necklace is a cubic zirconia pendant that hangs from a gold-plated paperclip chain. The chain is 18″ long with a 2″ extender. I love that I can wear it up high or lower, depending on the day and whether I want to layer it. It gives such a unique look to any stack and I haven’t seen anything quite like this on a paperclip chain out there. I’ve been wearing it since the day I got it in the mail four days ago, and even though I’ve gotten a little bit sweaty while wearing it, it shows no signs of turning green. I love that it’s sturdy and feels like a substantial piece, and not something I would buy at a junk jewelry shop.

The other piece I got is called the Twin Chain in Gold. I’ve been really into gold jewelry lately, and have been wanting to get some chain hoops. These are gold-plated and have a click-it closure with sterling silver posts. The pavé on the hoops not only feels well made, but extends to the inside of the hoop so you can see the shimmer from all angles. I love that these have some weight to them, and the hinge even feels very sturdy as I lock them closed. I don’t know how she created these so they don’t hurt my ears or drag my lobes down, but they still feel very expensive and substantial.

I’m really glad I got the two most unique pieces on her site (in my opinion), and I’m really digging the quality so far. If anything changes and I have an issue, I’ll update here. I love that I get a super classy look for a fraction of the price of true gold jewelry, but I can tell by wearing them for just a few days that they will outlast my cheap stuff. Do I expect them to last forever? No, but I think it’s fair to expect stuff in the $40-60 range to last 2-3 years with minimal damage. Here’s hoping!

Now that I’ve tried one of her brands, I am itching to try her makeup line! I have not yet pulled the trigger on anything else made by Jaclyn, but I can tell a lot of effort and care was put into this launch, and I can’t wait to try more! Have you picked anything up from this line? Which pieces and what do you think?

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