Inspirations & a Giveaway for Free 8×6 Hardcover Printerpix Photo Book

Have you ever had a friend who inspires you to be better, spread your wings, and achieve your goals? I have a few friends like that, and I hope you do too! One of my friends is a talented photographer and has really pushed me this year to pursue some creative ideas I’ve had. A major goal of mine has been to improve the quality of my blog through learning blog design. Another major goal has been to learn photography as a hobby and as a potential business down the line. 

Both of these goals have given me many headaches over the last couple months, but finally I’m at a place where I don’t hate my blog design, and I don’t hate my photography skills on the blog anymore. Hey! Progress!

Over Thanksgiving, we went to visit my photographer friend, Nicolette, in the town we used to live in. We had a super fun time and she took some family pictures for our Christmas cards. I’ve been thinking about getting a new camera for a while, and I’ve been eyeing them at Best Buy on a weekly basis. I price match Amazon and Best Buy every single day, and the people at Best Buy know me by name. It was getting kind of awkward that I hadn’t bought my camera yet although I had been visiting it for two months. When Nicolette took our family pics and I wanted to rip the camera out of her hands, I knew it was time. I decided right then and there I needed to get in on a “holiday special” and snatch up that camera I have been lusting after. 

In case you’re wondering…
Jocelyn’s dress is from Nordstrom Rack. My dress and necklace are from Bohme and I curled my hair with the ISO Beauty clipless curling iron! It’s my go to curling iron any time I’m getting fancy.

I’m super excited to have the ability to take better pictures. I want to capture memories from my family, I want to take pictures for my blog, and I want to take pictures of mountains in Washington. I follow Story of My Life and when she recommended a photography e-course, Extremely Essential Camera Skills, and mentioned it being drastically price reduced on Small Business Saturday, I sprung for that as well. I hope I get really good fast! I am so excited! 

Jocelyn’s hat is from Target! I’m sure you’re wondering because it’s all kinds of adorable.

As I’m tinkering around on the camera, I’m finding I have a lot to learn, but I’m so excited to dive in and figure it out. In celebration of my new camera, I want to give you something to stuff someone’s stocking with for Christmas (or even your own) and give away a free 8×6 hardcover Printerpix Photo Book to a lucky winner. I’m going to make this a crazy easy giveaway as you’ll see in the Rafflecopter below. 

I hope you’ll enter and “like” Nicolette Jean Photography. Even if you’re not located in Washington, she has a great Facebook page and regularly does giveaways for photo books, coffee gift cards, and the like. I also love reading her photo tips! 

Good luck! 

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