I’m obsessed with hydrocolloid patches

I feel like brands have really upped their game in the acne breakout arena. Back in the 90s, were all the rage for an emergency zit. Did they even work? I never had any luck. Teens now will never know the agony of a horrible breakout with no easy and overnight solution. And the rest of us who had to suffer through those awkward years, pimples on full display, know exactly how lucky we are for the invention of hydrocolloid patches. Have you discovered them yet?

Using some other acne spot treatment that doesn’t work…certain NOT overnight!

These patches are clear and practically invisible. It’s intended that you put them on clean, makeup-free skin and they basically siphon the yuck out of the spot. I typically wear one on the spot overnight and sometimes I go a second round. It’s some kind of sorcery how quickly it seems to dissolve whatever pimple it touches.

There are all different brands and I’ve tried a few with no discernable difference. Some are meant to be worn under makeup, so they’re thinner and a bit more subtle. I’ve been grabbing whatever they have within easy reach at . I’m sure you could find them on Amazon or Target as well!

Right now, I’m using the . They almost completely blend into my skin! I’m working on a few stubborn pimples right now, one of which I’m pointing to that is covered by a hydrocolloid patch. I bet you can’t even see it! I also have one above my lip and two on the side of my nose. When I wake up in the morning, the clear patch will be tinted white and the pimple will either be completely dissolved and flattened, or darn near.

Do you need more convincing? My kids put them on mosquito bites that are itching them like crazy. It seems to take the itch away as well! How cool! If you’ve tried it let me know what you think in the comments. Don’t you wish this was around when you were a teen?!

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