How Much SPF Do You Need?

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how much spf do you need?It’s only the beginning of April but you would not believe how much sunscreen I am already hoarding for summer. Every time I go to Walmart lately, I have been picking up a tube of sunscreen. For me, it’s kind of like diapers before your baby is born- every time we would go to the store for months before our first was born, I would stock up on a box of diapers. It helped me anticipate the good times to come, and it was less money out of my wallet at once when she arrived. I am close to having a summer long stash ready to use!

Recently, I discovered that the sun care line of my youth, NO-AD is available at stores. I didn’t recognize it because it used to be in totally different packaging, labeled NO-AD presumably because they didn’t advertise and were able to be the most affordable skincare on the market. Either they haven’t been around for years, or I just never noticed that they upped the ante and changed their packaging, but I had to pick some up! I have two kinds, NO-AD Prevent & Repair™ and NO-AD Prevent & Brighten™, both chock full of vitamins, antioxidants, and SPF 15 protection.

no ad sunscreenWhile I have always been pretty good about applying SPF to my face, I am not as good about applying to the rest of my body. We’ve already had a couple warm days this season where I’ve taken my kids to the park, and just because it’s April doesn’t mean I can go without sunscreen. I am also guilty of driving without wearing sunscreen on my body. I know you’ve seen the pictures where a person’s left side has way more sun damage than the right. It’s a very striking difference in damage when it’s in an elderly person, but it’s the habits NOW while in my 20s that make the difference for later. NO-AD SPF 15 is just perfect for every day when running errands, driving, and an overcast day, while I would choose something SPF 50+ for a day at the beach or an extremely bright and sunny day. 

Considering that incidental sun exposure (walking the dog, driving, or other short bursts of outdoor activity) adds up to 80% of the sun exposure we get in a lifetime! That is crazy! I am definitely making a change and incorporating NO-AD Skin Care into my every day routine. One thing I’ve always wondered but never actually measured is exactly how much I need to use in a day. Many sources online, including the AAD, recommend wearing one ounce of sunscreen for the exposed areas of skin. That ends up being around one shot glass worth of skin care. 

shot glass of sunscreenI am super nerdy, and yes, that is an actual shot glass full of NO-AD. I decided to figure out exactly how many pumps I would need to come up with about an ounce of skincare. It took me 27 pumps exactly to fill it up. I was actually really surprised by how many pumps it took me to fill up the entire shot glass. But I’m 27 years old, so I’m hoping that’s an easy number to remember.

no ad sunscreen display walmart

You can purchase NO-AD Anti-Aging Body Moisturizers in the Skin Care Section at Walmart! I love that they are affordable and can be part of my one stop shopping experience at Walmart- groceries, diapers, baby clothes, SPF, etc. So simple! 

This is also the first of its kind, an anti-aging body moisturizer that delivers advanced technology in a multi-function product designed to promote beautiful skin all over the body, not just the face. Each product is filled with powerful ingredients that repair, brighten, and prevent aging caused by cumulative sun damage. 

Right now at Walmart, you can also save $2.00 on any (1) NO-AD Anti-Aging Body Moisturizer Pump Lotion or Spray Lotion. That is a 40% discount off the Pump Lotion and 33% discount off the Spray lotion. Check here to see if they are sold at your local Walmart! 

no ad sunscreen bottleAlso, in case you are a visual person like I am, I wanted to show you what 27 pumps looks like when it’s taken out of a brand new bottle. You can see from the shadow how much is left. I think it’s kind of astonishing. I definitely haven’t been using enough SPF. I think if I use this properly, I’ll be going through a bottle every two weeks. Good thing it’s affordable, and there’s a coupon! 

Do you protect your skin from the sun from incidental exposure? What do you use? 


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  1. 4.8.15
    Phyrra said:

    I’m supposed to wear SPF 30 or greater according to my dermatologist because of my rosacea and sensitive skin.

  2. 4.8.15

    I know I don’t use nearly enough sunscreen, and I really need it. I just can’t stand the feeling of it on my skin. I do the sprays most of the time in the heat of summer and hopefully I spray enough on.

  3. 4.8.15
    Chelsea said:

    I’m definitely getting this. Body lotion + sunscreen = perfect for me!

  4. 4.8.15

    hmmm I don’t think I put enough on myself. I slather it on the kids but I rush through it on me…

  5. 4.8.15
    Jess Scull said:

    SPF ALL THE PARTS! hah! I need to put more on – I burn like crazy

  6. 4.8.15
    MarciaF said:

    Wow, 27 pumps is so much more than I realized I would need in a day. I’m falling down on the job.

  7. 4.8.15

    I wear at least a 30SPF

  8. 4.8.15
    Anastasia said:

    I’m a total SPF junkie and slather it on daily. I try to wear SPF30 indoors, and always use SPF50+ when I have to go outside. I used to think it’s kind of ridiculous, but now it turned into a habit.

  9. 4.9.15

    I’m a sunscreen junkie as well. Prevention is better than cure

  10. 4.9.15

    Sounds Awesome!

  11. 4.9.15
    Renu said:

    I definitely don’t use enough sunscreen. Or sunglasses. Wow, that’s a lot of product in once ounce! I first thought that was a froyo or homemade ice-cream or something after seeing the first photo.

  12. 4.9.15
    Sachi said:

    I love how affordable it is! Does it leave any white residue if you rub up against black clothes? I try to wear sunscreen every day, but so many leave marks on my clothes I tend to skip it. And at this price, I can afford to put it on in the morning and keep another on my desk for the ride home. Excited! (yes, excited for sunscreen lol)

  13. 4.9.15

    I’m supposed to use SPF30 or higher because of my sensitive skin and Eczema… I usually will buy anything in that amount or more for my family and I since we are constantly in the sun.

  14. 4.9.15

    The ‘shot glass’ argument is also why we probably don’t get enough spf in our makeup, either. We just don’t use enough to get the protection we need. I know I’m not using enough, and the idea of using 27 pumps of sunscreen! I’m staying inside! lol

  15. 4.10.15
    Betzy Carmona said:

    I like the price, and omg Im all about SPF

  16. 4.10.15

    I usually am so good with SPF when it comes to my son… then I fail to use enough on me

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