How being burnt out is helping me find my calling

I have been so burnt out. I literally cannot keep up the pace I have been going at any longer. Being everything for everyone at all times? Yeah it’s not working out so well for me. I have a to-do list ten miles long at all times. What can I possibly be filling my days with that is taking up so much of my emotional energy?

I am a:

school volunteer.

church volunteer.

work at home mom. 

person who doesn’t like to say no. 


Recently I decided to take a girl’s trip with one of my friends to Sedona. To say it was out of my comfort zone to go on a trip like that is an understatement. The mom guilt I felt was real when I bought the tickets. I would be leaving my kids for four days and three nights to do something just for myself. I’d literally never done anything like this before. But I pulled the trigger and here we are.

I had a magical trip where I got to truly unwind. I ate great food, went boutique shopping for hours, went on hikes with insanely beautiful views, and truly walked away from the work I have been doing in every area of my life. My blog, the school, the church, and all of my mom duties. For four days, I was just me.

And it was amazing.

What did walking away from everything I am burnt out over teach me? I want more for my life. More for my family. Going on vacation, breathing in fresh air, and leaving responsibilities behind more often appeal to me. Time and money freedom for my family is something I will work for at all costs. 

On my plane ride, I read a book called Breaking Busy. Ironically, I’ve been carrying this around in my purse for weeks because I’ve been too busy to read it. But the information in this book is life changing. If you’ve been struggling to create a balance in your life, juggling your responsibilities with little success and wondering what your God-given purpose is, I think this book has the potential to change your attitude in a big way.

There are so many things I’ve been thinking about since reading the book. 

What do I love to do? Don’t love to do? What tugs at my heart? If money were no object, how would I spend my days? What are people always telling me I’m great at? 

I’ve been in full brainstorm mode since reading this book. What’s my end game for blogging? My goals for my family? Long term business goals? Things that need to fall by the wayside?

2019 is going to be a year of growth for me. I’m anchoring myself in what’s important (read my post on my word for the year) and leaving everything else in the dust. I can’t wait to see where this leads me but I hope the answer involves more sunshine.

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