Hot Girl Summer- Staple Red Lip You NEED!

I was wandering around the mall today looking for some cropped jean jackets and other odds and ends to help complete a few of my summer outfits. I was also hoping to buy a new headband and thought I would have good luck at Ulta! Oh man, that place is my weakness. Before I knew it, I had two of the new shades of Nars Powermatte Lip Pigments in my hand, and one of the new Stila Dual Ended Liners. It was a good shopping day!

I wasn’t sure I was going to get all of these items, but I ended up having some points to spend. I got the Dyson Airwrap a couple months ago ($$$) and had 1,000 points stored up! I got to save $50 on my purchase which took a sizeable chunk off of it.

I love buying new makeup. It gives me a little pep in my step to wear something pretty, and I love to collect new shades in my favorite formulas. I owned Nars Powermatte Lip Pigments many years ago when they launched the line of them, but gave them away. Every several months I try to purge my beauty stash of stuff I know I’m not going to get through. At the time, I can’t remember why I wasn’t as interested in these. Maybe I was going through a clean beauty phase? Part of me remembers not liking the potential aftertaste of the formula (even though it dries down to nothing), and I think I was pregnant at the time so it just disagreed with me. Years later, I know people love them, and I am ready to give them another try!

I have so many red lipsticks, and my favorite matte lip formula is currently Pat McGrath LiquiLUST, their reds being Elson 4, and Flesh 3. I also enjoy Fenty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored. Maybelline has a good one too for much cheaper. I’m trying to think if I have anything in a matte liquid formula that is a brighter red. I didn’t before today! I ended up with Dragon Girl, a candy apple red. I am so pleased with it!

Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment in Dragon Girl

If you’re not familiar with this formula, it’s really nice. The shades are very high in pigment, opaque in one swipe, and dry down quickly. They are comfortable to wear. They are semi-smudge resistant. I wore Dragon Girl while drinking a glass of water, and I did get some smudges on the glass. However, it didn’t leave a mess of my mouth. Whenever I wear lipstick out of the house, of any formula, I always bring a concealer with me in my purse in case I have to do some cleaning up around the edges! This one is no exception. It’s so worth it though! The color wakes up my face completely and I feel so pretty wearing it. I bet it will look even nicer with a spray tan. It’s the hot girl shade of summer, in my opinion!

I love juicy, moisturizing lipsticks like the ones from Merit Signature Lipsticks lately, and have been dabbling into the Benefit California Kissin’ Colorbalms I picked up last summer too. But sometimes a bright candy apple matte is just speaking to me, you know? I had to have it.

What’s your favorite summer shade? Do you have the Dragon Girl shade in any other Nars formulas? Let me know!

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