Holiday Makeup with Q-tips

Thanks to Q-tips for sponsoring today’s discussion.

Q-tips are one of those beauty tools that have a TON of uses. I won’t go over the obvious- cleaning your ears out- but if you weren’t aware of all the awesome uses for your beauty routine, you are truly missing out! I am going to tell you about my favorite two ways to use them.

q tips for holiday makeup helpA huge goal of mine for the New Year will be saving money. I have big financial goals in 2015. How does that relate to beauty? Some of my beauty products are packaged in a way that the last 1/4 of the bottle or jar can’t be reached. A month ago, I was no longer able to pump out my favorite primer from the bottle, but there was a TON left. It’s in a glass bottle so I can easily see inside just how much is left. I do have a neat beauty gadget that can help me reach the bottle of the bottle, but I can never find it when I need it. Instead, I tend to just reach for a Q-tip under the sink and reach into the bottle to swab myself out some primer.

q tips and primerNot even kidding you, I’ve been swabbing the bottom of the jar for a few weeks and I still have a bunch left. This particular primer is $40 so I am in no hurry to replace it any sooner than necessary. SO glad I’m using Q-tips to help me get the most of my beauty products!

q tips have 2 sidesWhat’s awesome about Q-tips is that they are double ended. Rather than let the other end go to waste, I often hold onto it until I am done with my eye makeup, and use it to clean up the edges. I have been wearing a lot of pencil eyeliner lately instead of liquid, so I’ve found Q-tips perfect for smudging the line. You can also dip a Q-tips Precision Tips in eye makeup remover and go over the edge of your cat eye or dark eyeshadow to try and clean it up a little bit. 

I’m always interested in the background on products, and I guess I always just accepted that these little cotton dealies were called Q-tips and never wondered why. Did you know that the “Q” stands for quality? They are also 100% cotton, meant to be convenient, disposable, and portable for many uses including beauty on the go. They are a staple in most peoples’ medicine cabinets so if you are traveling during the holidays and forget your makeup brushes, consider Q-tips to be a great stand in!

makeupforever artists shadows‘Tis the season for holiday parties and I am going to an Ugly Sweater Party on Friday. I will be Instagramming that business for sure. I put this look on my Instagram and would love for you to follow me there, and while you’re at it check out the Q-tip Instagram page as well! You can find additional beauty inspiration there.

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  1. 12.1.14

    I love this eye look! I’ve used them to blend before with ease!

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