Holiday Deviled Eggs

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I can’t believe this holiday season is upon us and in two short days I’ll have my family in town to celebrate Thanksgiving! It really crept up on me this year, probably due to the fact that we hadn’t seen snow at all until last weekend. We still have a bit of a dusting in our yard so it is getting me in the mood to get prepared for Thanksgiving guests and cleaning, and most of all cooking. I’ve really been wanting to make some festive deviled eggs to bring to Christmas but wasn’t sure if they’d work out so I did a trial run for this week. boiling water pictureboiling egg waterFirst thing’s first- you need to start with hardboiled eggs. I never knew how to do it properly until I read a post by Fifteen Spatulas about giving the eggs an ice bath. I won’t detail it here, but you can hop over there and read more. Seriously, it changed the way I hard boil for the better and I no longer lose half the shell every time! 

deviled egg prepOnce I have my eggs hardboiled, I peel the shells off and slice them in half lengthwise with a sharp knife. You’ll want to separate the yolks from the egg whites. I used a baby spoon!

mashed egg yolkNext, I added about a half a cup of mayo, a teaspoon of mustard, and some salt and pepper to taste. I always feel weird taste testing this combo over and over but it’s really up to you how much you want to add of each thing and how creamy you like it.

green eggsThe fun part- add food coloring! I thought doing green egg yolks sounded fun so I added several drops of green food coloring to my bowl and mixed it all up. I then spooned the mixture into a plastic baggie, and cut the corner off so I could squeeze the mixture back into my egg white halves. The hole I cut here was a bit too big, it seemed to expand as I was squeezing the mixture out. Next time I make these, I’ll make a much smaller hole!

food coloring bagholiday deviled eggsWhen they are done, you might want to clean them up a little bit by running a knife over the top to get off any excess. Mine got a little gooey so I ran the blade over the top to clean them up a bit. I then sprinkled a bit of paprika on the top for a red garnish, and added a rosemary sprig to my deviled egg dish just to look pretty!

holiday deviled eggs recipeFood is probably my favorite thing to give at holidays. I love the idea of “Giving the Gift of Thanks” and since everyone else is always hosting, I love to bring a gift of food to contribute to the party. Cooking for the holidays is also a wonderful family tradition that I hope to pass down to my girls and I don’t want to let that tradition fall by the wayside simply because it can be a pain to transport food. Luckily, there are some easy to transport tupperware containers that have holes made specifically for deviled eggs. Easy peasy!

festive deviled eggsI really love the way these turned out and even my kids were eager to give them a try! They are so festive with the red and green I think they’ll be a hit at any holiday celebration.

While we’re talking about holiday dishes, I thought I’d mention my husband has to work on Thanksgiving. I’m not complaining too much because he’s making time and a half, but I wanted to make sure he would have something to munch on during the day while he was working a holiday. I wanted to create a little tutorial for you if you want to create a super quick and thoughtful dip recipe for a loved one to take to work, or to take to a holiday gathering.

1) Print out this recipe card- clicking on it should open it in a new window. 

Holiday Cheeseball Recipe


2) Start making the recipe. When you get to the part where you’re supposed to chill the mixture, put the Cheese Ball into a tupperware container.cheeseball in progress3) Put the remaining one cup of crushed pecans into a plastic baggie. I think it tastes the best when the ball is rolled into the pecans last second before eating, so let your recipient join in the fun by letting them do that step!

chopped pecans

4) Connect the plastic baggie and the recipe card together and put with the tupperware.cheeseball with a note5) Rejoice that you are a thoughtful human being and everyone will think you slaved over something that was actually super simple.

Are you making anything special for the holidays? 

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    Jenna Wood said:

    OMG how cute is your dog in that reflection photo? I love how colorful these are- they turned out great! #client

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